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Project 52

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With the exception of last night, this has been a quiet week for me. Work was work, nothing out of the ordinary. Other than playing Ingress on the way home from work, I didn't even go out much. Thursday night jebra had SEMiSLUG (the SE Michigan Sun Local Users Group meeting). I decided I'd rather stay home and ride my exercise bike, which I did. Not that I have anything against Sun Microsystems other than they were bought out back in 2009, nor against any of the folks who attend the meetings. Friday night jebra took me home, packed his stuff and headed north to Prudenville. In addition to seeing his folks, he went up to attend one of his high school reunions (his folks moved around a lot when he was a kid). Turns out his brother was up there too, that was another good get together for him. For me, I did my exercise and watched tv and didn't even make it all the way through Live PD before I turned everything off and went to bed. I didn't set an alarm and slept for twelve hours.

Saturday I finished watching Friday's Live PD, watched who-knows-what off the DVR and around 5 pm convinced myself it was time to get off the couch and walk over to Red Run Park to hack both of the Ingress portals there. The walk was inconsequential and when I returned home I put some leftover sauce and pasta in the microwave and thought I heard taps on the kitchen window. I looked out and rain was coming down in big fat drops. I'd have been soaked through if I put off my walk any longer than I did. I went back to watching tv and messing about on my laptop ending my night with the usual exercise and shower before bed. Once again I didn't set an alarm and woke up without having a clue to what time it was. I'd slept another twelve hours and was delighted that I hadn't slept away the afternoon. Not that I had any plans for the day other than to return to Red Run Park for my daily Ingress hack. Once again I kept putting off going and this time regretted it as it started pouring right as I was getting ready to get up. I looked a weather map and saw a gap between rain clouds, with the first cloud being much smaller than the second. So as soon as the rain stopped I hurried up and went outside. I thought I'd be caught in the rain on the way back to the house but I lucked out and stayed dry. I spent the rest of Sunday watching stuff I'd recorded earlier and browsing my news feeds as well as LJ, DW, and Pinterest. I must really have been exhausted as the idea of knitting or crochet did not appeal. I did do some laundry though and wanted Brownie Points for what little I accomplished over the weekend. jebra returned home around 9 pm; he told me a little about his trip and then went off to unpack and get ready for the upcoming week. I exercised, showered, waited for my hair to dry and went to bed.

Band is on hiatus during the month of August, so jebra did not need to rush me home after work on Monday. We played a little Ingress on the way, doing our somewhat typical slow roll though Clawson. Once at the house we had dinner and then I spent an hour doing crochet while the DVR played the day's recordings of Hot Bench, then it was time to do my bedtime chores and climb onto my exercise bike. Two hours later I was in the shower and starting to wind down for bed.

Last night was the final "Summer Camp" meeting of my knitting guild. The only item on the schedule was the Open Board meeting and got to hear about the guild's finances, discuss ways to raise money and to discuss the merits of allowing the guild's president and vice president to attend the annual knitting retreat weekend without charge. There were good arguments for doing that I think the measure was passed. I've never been to the retreat and am not sure I will ever go. I love everyone in my guild but hate being away from home and always worry I won't be able to sleep and/or that my body will start acting as though I have pancreatitis again. Anyway, at the meeting I turned in the four hats I knit for the summer charity project and did more work on the Zick Zack scarf. I plan on keeping the scarf as I love the yarn and it was "only" $32 per skein. We'll see if that really happens though as I may be incredibly sick of it by the time I finish. It's slow going due to needing to count every stitch as I go, not to mention paying attention to which strand of yarn I'm using (there are just the two and they alternate very two rows, but nevertheless that can be challenging). If I get the scarf finished before the end of the year I'll be delighted. I don't think that's going to happen because finishing the Anthrocon cat beds is more important and even they are secondary to the Guild's regular season charity project. We're making "Knitted Knockers," fake boobs for women who have lost one or both breasts due to cancer. I took two or three kits back when they were distributed but having actually started knitting them. And last night I learned that each kit makes two or three boobs (depending upon the pattern's cup size). So I have many boobs to knit and less than two months to make them.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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