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Project 52

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I am exhausted and having trouble stringing two thoughts together. I know I had more than a few late nights in a row and that I didn't have time to get all the sleep I wanted over the weekend. Saturday was SEMGS and I did get to sleep beforehand, especially since jebra was kind and did the shopping before I got up. The theme was food from hot places and he made a sort of tandoori chicken, served on pita with onion and mango chutney. Maria made two Mediterranean salads that were completely wonderful and Laura made a strawberry poke cake that was to die for. Other folks made other things but those were the things that I had and that stood out to me. We stayed at the gathering longer than we should have considering we had to be up at the usual time on Sunday and since I still had to exercise & shower before bed. I was up until nearly 4 am. Woe.

We got up, had breakfast, dressed and hit the road to Elkhart, Indiana. The younger of Ann & Gary's son had his Boy Scouts of America Eagle Court of Honor and we wanted to be there to celebrate. I'd never seen the Eagle award ceremony before so that made it extra interesting. Michael (the older boy) is also an Eagle and was the master of ceremonies. In the audience were Ralph & Vicki (the grandparents) and Shawn B, another early member of the SEMGS group. He lives in Florida now, so we don't get to see him except once in a blue moon. There were munchies after the award ceremony, then it was back into the van for the drive home. We took US 12 so there was plenty to see and the occasional thing to hack. I don't recall what time it was when we got home but I still exercised and showered before hitting the hay.

(Left to Right, on the dais: Michael, Daniel, Ann, and Gary)

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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