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Project 52

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For me, this was a quiet week. The early part was spent getting jebra ready for Anthrocon. He left on the 4th of July, getting up early and taking me out to hack two of the neighborhood portals before he left. I was very tired when I got home, so I took off my outdoor clothes and went back to bed. I didn't get up for real 6:42 that night. Amazingly, this did not prevent me from sleeping more that night.

When the alarm went off on Thursday I got up, got dressed, and called Enterprise. Then it was off to Enterprise to sign the paperwork, to my allergist's office for my shot, and then to work. Without jebra needing time to finish his stuff and get ready to work I was at the office easily an hour before we usually manage.

I have no idea what I did after work on Thursday although I know I did my usual exercise biking and shower before bed. After work on Friday I know I worked on my cat beds for a hour or so before getting on my exercise bike and lazily peddling for an hour and a half. I had to get up at the usual weekday time on Saturday as the car had to go back to Enterprise. I could have kept it over the weekend but that would have doubled my cost and I didn't actually need to go anywhere other than out for a walk later on that night. Because of Sunday's FCB concert at the Fox Run Retirement Community, jebra had to return from Anthrocon a day early; he was back at the house around midnight. I got up at the usual time again on Sunday morning, but only to be sure I didn't miss my 24-hour window to get in my daily hack. Once again I went only to
our neighborhood portals (driving the van because I'm lazy), then came back to the house and back to bed. I got up for real with jebra's alarm and started getting ready for the Fox Run gig.

The concert went well and we were both starving when it was over because we didn't have time for lunch or a snack beforehand. We went to Los Tres Amigos for dinner as it open. Our first two choices for where to go to for dinner failed as by time time it was 9 pm and most places were closing up shop (or had already closed). When we left, there was only one more table still seated and by time we left the parking lot the lights inside Los Tres Amigos were already off. It was after midnight by the time I got off my exercise bike and somewhere around 2 am by time I was out of the shower, dried off, and ready for bed.

Monday was a partial repeat of Sunday's concert for the FCB, this time at nursing home. I didn't go to that one, instead I came home, worked on my cat beds before exercising. I also ran a load of laundry because that's the exciting kind of life I lead.

Last night was knitting guild night and another night of 'Summer Camp,' apparently it is far enough into our summer that all any of us wanted to do was sit near a fan, knit, and converse about real estate and travel plans. While I knit, jebra shopped for groceries. He picked me up after the meeting ended and took us back to the house where he processed the recordings he made of the recent concerts and I did my usual exercise and shower. That part went well but around 1 am I made the mistake of thinking about a particular scene in Law & Order: Criminal Intent (the one Detective Goren) that has been bothering me for weeks. I have no idea in which episode it take place and I don't think it had a lot to do with the plot of that episode, but I do remember it takes place in the station house and Goren rather enthusiastically greets an old biker friend. That's actually what I remember, how incongruous they looked and how comfortable Goren was with that rough looking tattooed guy. I very much want to see it again (actually, what I'd love is youtube clip). I caught the last half hour of a random episode on who knows what channel (not the right one, of course), googled around for a while and finally went to bed without becoming any wiser.

ETA: Googling works much better when I am mostly awake. Turns out that scene is from the very first episode (s01e01 -- One). I found a screen grab which is entirely unremarkable. I still want to rewatch that entire scene.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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