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Yesterday was a mixed bag

One thing I'm very happy about is my strategy of needle-felting a t-shirt to a cat bed appears to work:

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

In person the bottom of the bed looks even fluffier as there's a wonderful layer of red wool roving covering everything but the printing on the t-shirt. The only problem is that I'm afraid to run the bed through the washing machine for fear the t-shirt will detach. I'm going to do another experiment, this time attaching just the paw-print to a bed and then running that through the washer and dryer. If it comes undone, then I know the super special bed will have to be auctioned off with a note saying "machine wash at your own risk."

In addition to finishing the needle-felting on the bed, I also finished crocheting a different cat bed, and before that washed and laid out the knitted crescent wrap that needed blocking. That should be dry by the time we return to the office on Tuesday. I didn't use pins or blocking wires so although I expect it to remain flat I have no idea it will be the same size. The smooth curve of the crescent made me reluctant to insert the wires and the bottom on the wrap has a ruffle so I sure didn't want to pull that tight.

The worst part of yesterday was falling while going up the basement stairs. I tripped on the top-most step and fell on the landing, which while much better than falling backwards down the stairwell, meant I fell onto the very dirty carpeting, grinding my knees and the dress I planned to wear to the wedding I'm attending today into the dirt. I was so mad that I kicked all of the laundry back to the basement floor. There was already a load of towels in the washer or I'd have forced myself to walk back down the stairs right then. The dress went into the wash as the next load and I'm wearing it now. It appears to have survived the fall better then I did, as I have cuts on one ankles and raw patches on both knees. My back doesn't seem any different today and it is still very sore. It's been acting up for the past week and a half, hurting whenever I stand, walk, or roll over in bed. Soon I am going to admit defeat and schedule an appointment with my physical doctor. It's been almost a year since he prescribed a prescription brace for my left leg (which I never had filled). I'm planning to tell him that I'd like to be reassessed and for him to tell me what is and isn't possible as regards fixing my body.

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