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For me, this was a fairly quiet week. The early part was getting ready for jebra's trip down to Columbus, Ohio. This was a Dorsai Irregular's contract, working the Art Show at Marcon. I rented a little car from Enterprise so that I could go to work on Friday and have wheels for the weekend. Not that I went much of anywhere since I was at work during the day and early evening on Friday (I stayed late to cut up another six Anthrocon t-shirts). As often happens on the weekend, I was still awake when 2:00 am rolled around and the largest clap of thunder I've ever heard sounded. It was freaky because (a) it sounded like a bomb went off, (b) the entire house shook, (c) there was a huge flash of light that made me think it really was a bomb exploding, and (d) it wasn't raining. The rain, a very hard rain, started about 20 seconds after the boom, which ended my concern about bombs.

Nothing went wrong here at the house but the storm still seems abnormal to me. It would rain like crazy for a little while and then cease. Then a while late, maybe a half hour, maybe a little longer, there would be another enormous boom and the rain would restart. I wonder if the storm's intensity has anything to do with climate change. Not to mention the strange range of temperatures we've had over the past couple of weeks. Abnormally warm then back to the point where I definitely need to wear a jacket. Today we're expecting temperatures in the high 70s again.

I spent most of Saturday sitting on my corner of the couch watching shows I'd recorded earlier while crocheting cat beds. I did make certain to go out and play Ingress once each day, plus I bought myself dinner at Satay House, an Asian restaurant I'd noticed years about but that [ profile] jebra never agreed to try. I had their Tofu Satay which I enjoyed, plus a Bubble Tea which was cute and delicious. I love Bubble Tea but places that serve it are fairly rare around these parts and I suspect it's been over a year since I'd had any which made Saturday's all the better.

Sunday was much like Saturday except that I also got my hair cut short and bought a few groceries while I was out. jebra returned home Saturday evening, I returned the car to Enterprise Monday morning, and then we resumed the normal work week routine.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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