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Project 52

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One of my favorite events, Sharon's Tea Party, took place on Saturday and for a huge change I remembered to take pictures! Later I lamented that I hadn't taken any photos of the table with its many teapots and deserts but when I went over my photos I saw a few had crept their way in.

On Sunday the 9th Annual Motor City Festival of Bands took place at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn. The actual concert was at 3:00 p.m., but there was a rehearsal with the massed band before the concert so I was there for a good six hours. We thought we'd be be going out to dinner with other band folk afterwards but no one was interested and we just headed home. We headed toward home, deciding to have our dinner at Thai Garden Restaurant in Ferndale. It was a long and hungry drive (I'd skipped lunch) but the hardest part was seeing strong green Ingress fields and being too hungry to do anything about removing them. And it was too far and too late in the day to be worth driving back over after dinner. As it was, I had enough trouble fitting in my two hours on the exercise bike and shower before midnight.

Devoting two hours a night to exercise really cuts into my ability to do other things in the evening. I've had to stop going to evening concerts like that of the OCC Jazz Band or tonight's concert at Harrison High School. I can't even crochet as long as I'd like because if I do I won't be in bed before 1 am. The past few days I've arrived home at 6 p.m., flipped on the tv, selected a one-hour recording, poured myself a bowl of cereal and hit play. I chow down on that, then pull out the current cat bed in the making and work on that until my show ends. Then I have to put away my supplies, wash my bowl, brush my teeth, go downstairs and deal with the litter boxes, wash my hands, select clothes for the next day, go back upstairs, put my clothes in their spot and then make sure I have enough water next to my bike (two hours of biking equals one full Trader Joe's Sparkling Spring Water plus part of a second bottle). I queue up either Dr. Phil or Crime Watch Daily and start peddling. As long as there's a new episode of Dr. Phil it's always those two that I watch, but which one goes first depends on my mood. Either way, I hope for engrossing episodes as that's the only way I can keep my feet moving and not totally resent how much time exercise requires. When I'm done I get into the shower. Afterwards I put on my night clothes, return to the tv pick up my knitting. My Sneaky Sheep hat is due in two weeks and I'm still working on the practice version and thinking about what I'll need to change to get it to work with the yarn my exchange person selected. When I'd selected the practice yarn I thought it was the same weight/thickness as the real stuff. Upon closer inspection (and about 1/3 of the way through the hat) I discovered this is not the case. The real stuff is thinner and I think the brim of the hat will need a longer cast-on. At 11:00 p.m. the lamp next to the couch automatically turns off, so if I'm lucky I will get an hour of knitting in before the room goes dark. Then it's time to catch up on DW/LJ, do my daily jigsaw puzzle, get another show off the DVR, and go to bed. This is starting to feel like being caught in a rut but I don't know how to get out. Not without stopping the exercise (bad idea) or breaking my promise to Jebra to get more yarn out of the house. Not to mention I have all those Anthrocon t-shirts to deal with. I'm only on the second Anthrocon cat bed and I haven't even used up the first bag of tarn I cut up.

Well, enough whinging about my boring life. How are all of you?

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