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Project 52

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Looking at today's scrapbook page I can see why I'm feeling worn out. The past week was stuffed full of events to attend and not shown are my one to two hours on my exercise bike every night or my time at the office doing whatever it I do there.

Brother Guy's lecture was excellent and, I expect, made better by the incompatibility between his laptop and the college's AV system. The lecture was just that, a lecture without audio visual aids. I enjoyed his talk and as usual he gave me much to ruminate upon.

Thursday we went to see Steel Magnolias at Stagecrafters. I'd never seen the play (or the movie) so this was brand new to me. Ironically, over the weekend when I was switching to live TV preparatory to turning off the DVR, I caught the final scene of the movie version. I enjoyed the play and was impressed with the actors. Ouiser Boudreaux may also be my spirit animal. "I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood 40 years" sounds just about right to me. Particularly with what is going on in Washington, my outlook as has never been worse.

Which reminds me, I caught the episode about John McAfee on 20/20 last night. He's interesting and the things he said about privacy and the government's constant spying made sense to me. Not that I completely believe him when he says he believes he is at risk of assassination. Or that he wasn't involved with the death of his neighbor after his dogs were poisoned. Clearly, however, McAfee is the real deal when it comes to being "the most interesting man in the world." Not that he drinks Dos Equis, his beverages of choice appear to be scotch and champagne.

Friday was the Orchard Lake Philharmonic concert with me in the audience and jebra on stage for the first and final pieces. I knit though the entire concert as is my way and made a fair amount of progress on the crescent shawl I started over the weekend.
For me, the most interesting part of the concert was when there were two violinists playing from the same score, only one was playing the music in the usual direction and the other played backwards from the end. I didn't know music could be read backwards or that it was possible to write music that sounds good backwards and forwards.

On Saturday we got up reasonably early and went to the zoo. I'd expected to spend the weekend with my mom but she begged off as she wasn't feeling up to houseguests. She failed the exam to get back her drivers license and her mood plummeted, which should have been impossible considering how unhappy she's been at being housebound. I need to call her later today to see how she's doing. She was going back to the doctor on Monday to see if anything can be done medically to get it back. I also found out she's been admitted to the hospital at some point over the previous week but she either couldn't tell me why or didn't want to tell me. (I lean in favor of couldn't.)

The zoo was not at all crowded, possibly because it was rather cold and quite windy. The animals we saw didn't seem to care and the one featured on the scrapbook page was the first animal I saw that belonged to the zoo. We were playing Ingress so it took us 45 minutes to get past the entrance, the water fountain with the zoo's iconic bears, and the big building that I think is some sort of theatre/learning center that I've never been in. There was a world-wide Ingress event that had something to do with collecting XM (energy in the game) and capturing portals for our team while were at the zoo. The event was boring and the only comment I saw about it on official channels was a complaint about it being lame, but at least I was outside and walking around. And jebra made the number of captures he needed to earn a new badge.

I was cold and hungry when we left the zoo, so we went out for an early dinner and then we returned home where I started laundry and finished up another cat bed. I'm right around the 400 mark in terms of cat beds I've created. It is a good thing I give them away as otherwise my house would be full.

Sunday was more laundry (lots more laundry), a trip to Costco and the grocery store, dinner, exercise, and getting ready for work on Monday. Monday was work followed by band practice for jebra and crochet and two hours on my exercise bike for me. Yesterday was repeat of Monday minus band practice.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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