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Sort of TMI

Over the course of a month, my drug regimen changes three times. This morning I switched from Naproxen Sodium to Tramadol, otherwise known as "the drug that makes me loopy." I'm never pleased when the switch takes place on a Wednesday as this is the day jebra works from home and I, therefore, have to drive. I made it in to work without too much trouble, even though the road seemed more crowded than usual and I found myself trapped behind a semi that had broken down in the slow lane. I reminded myself I wasn't in a hurry, traffic cleared, and the rest of the drive was uneventful.

When lunchtime rolled around, I told my coworker I'd eat with him if he went out and fetched food, but I wasn't going to risk going out while I was still lightheaded from my morning meds. Well, I can't exactly say that I'm sorry I didn't make the food run, but I am sorry he went. JAC came back from the quarter-mile trip over an hour later, with food and the news that his SUV had been totaled. He was in a head-on collision when he made the left-hand turn back onto Rochester Road to return to the office. The Envoy took the brunt of it -- the battery is pushed up into the hood, one of the doors will no longer open, and the frame bent. JAC came away from the accident with a bloody nose, a goose egg on his forearm, and a severe headache. But his pupils are fine (both the boss and I checked) and he's sure he didn't break any bones. It could have been worse but I wish it hadn't happened at all.

The other driver came away without a scratch, although his passenger went away in a neck brace and an ambulance. JAC reported she didn't look hurt, so this may have been more of a precaution than a medical necessity.
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