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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

jebra is suffering from his annual cough, so a quiet week and restful weekend were in order. Mostly I sat on my corner of the couch and worked on creating more cat beds and caught up on some of the stuff I've recorded. I know I watched two or three episodes of Pitbulls and Parolees and I finally saw the Good Times reunion on Steve Harvey's show. I couldn't think of Steve Harvey's name a minute ago and started to google, remembering his name as I typed. But I hit search anyway and now know that episode aired in May of 2016. I quit recording new episodes a while back as I just can't keep up and it isn't one of my favorite things. But I did learn something from this episode; Steve talked about how rare it used to be to see black people on tv and how when I Spy came on, the streets would just empty because everybody rushed home to see the current episode.

Yesterday morning we went to the Secretary of State office so that I could renew my driver's license and purchase a new tag for the car. I had been worried about not passing the little quiz and downloaded a copy of What Every Driver Must Know the night before. I read through the book which I remember as being much shorter (the current version is 90 pages) and then went to bed. We got there a half hour before the office opened, making me 4th in line, and I browsed through the document again while I waited. I paid the fees, passed the eye exam, signed a bunch of forms, and then had my photo taken. The clerk said I was all done but I hadn't taken the quiz yet. I wasn't sure I should say anything but my combined weaknesses (curiosity and honesty) lead me to ask. Turns out the written test is a thing of the past. Before, if you failed, you could take and re-take the test until you scored a passing grade. So all it really did was tie up the clerk and make everyone's wait longer. And make people like me more neurotic.

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