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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

This week went by so fast it's all a blur. I know we met with our tax person to start on getting our taxes done. I still have two more things to look up for her but I think everything else is in her capable hands.

I remember working on getting my Valentine's Day cards out. Valentine's Day, rather than Christmas, became my tradition because I thought February would be less rushed than the end of year. At the moment I'm wondering how I ever thought that. I feel just like I did in December, pulled in many directions and all at same time.

The FCB's Valentine Dinner Dance was on Friday and turnout was pretty good, particularly after looking at the date (for great turn-out, the Friday of the dance needs to fall on the 14th). The falling snow certainly didn't help. The roads were filled with slow-moving vehicles and the trip to the Country Club for the dance took more than twice the usual amount of time. On the plus side, we left the house plenty early and seeing as we were moving at a whopping 20 MPH, I managed to play Ingress the entire way there.

The dance itself was fine, filled with friends, good music, and yummy food.

Saturday we slept in a bit, then it was time to get up and work on another cat bed. And exercise, as I knew we'd be out late again and I wouldn't want to start biking at midnight. The movie was Casablanca and this was my first time seeing it. I'm glad I own it on DVD because I'm going to have to watch it again. I was so tired I kept falling asleep during the first half. Not that it was boring or uninteresting, I was just that exhausted. I perked up during the Intermission and had no trouble staying awake after that. Maybe a little too well as I wasn't tired when we got home and stayed up another few hours.

Sunday was the day of laundry, plus biking, finishing another cat bed, and a minuscule amount of Ingress. Monday was a lot like Sunday only most of the day was spent at work and I didn't finish a cat bed.

Last night was Knitting Guild and I got to show off my Camassia Cowl you guys saw on my Project 52 page three weeks ago. This was a fun meeting with a lot of Show & Shares, exchanging yarn for this year's Sneaky Sheep Swap (I still haven't looked at who I'll be knitting for or what her yarn looks like, but I brought the bag to work with me so that if I have a spare few minutes I can take a look), and two Make-and-Take projects. The first involved little wood cut-outs of sheep and llamas, which we could knit tiny sweaters. The second was making pompoms from fake fur (although the technique also works with real fur and one of our guild members has experience doing just that). I wasn't impressed with the idea, but I made one anyway and know knows, maybe I will attach it to a hat someday. Oh, and the raffle was huge this month; I think we raffled off eight items instead of the usual three or four. I won a bag of yarn with instructions to make a large rectangular shawl but I'm skeptical it will look good or that I will ever wear it. For one thing, it has long fringe and I dislike fringe. Either I'm getting it caught in something or I'm getting it dirty. One of those things I suck at is washing something with fringe and getting the fringe to drape properly afterwards.

Before I go, and since I haven't said recently, if you have any questions about what I've written or anything else about my life, ask away!

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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