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Project 52

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Besides random, other word for the week would be rushed and frustrating. The week began with work, which was fine. But after work we were going to Oakland University to hear Tuba Ignis debut a new piece they had commissioned. The concert was scheduled to begin at 7:30, so we should have had plenty of time for dinner beforehand and went to Asian Express. My first clue that I may have made a mistake was the number of items blacked out on the menu. I found something that sounded good, tofu in red curry sauce. [profile] jebra site=""> tried to order a his entree with brown rice only to learn they no longer serve brown rice. So he ordered it with white rice, only to have the waitress return to tell him they couldn't make that for him either. He picked something else and we waited for our food. My dish, when it came, did not look right, being an orange-yellow red, not a deep red like I was expecting and the vegetables were different that what was listed on the menu. Ttaste-wise, however, it was amazingly good. I planned to bring half home with me to have for lunch the next day only I kept eating it as I waited for jebra to get up and pay the bill. He, on the other hand, was waiting for the person at the counter to finish ordering and she was having the same problems we had (no brown rice, entrees being unavailable). By the time he could pay, every scrap of my dinner was gone.

We rushed to the concert venue concerned that we'd be late. When we arrived at the auditorium door, we were alone. We could hear a group playing on stage and I wondered if we had the time wrong. jebra tried to open the door but it was locked. Fortunately someone heard us and came to say that the group was still rehearsing and that the doors would open in the near future. A few more people arrived while waited; although Varner Recital Hall can seat up to 425 people, I don't believe there were more than a dozen or two.

The pieces performed were, in my opinion, a mixed bag. There were one or two pieces I loved, one I disliked, and one I absolutely hated. Not even my knitting was enough to distract me from the awfulness. Afterward the performance we talked with Ian (one of the group's founders and someone jebra used to play with in the FCB) and wouldn't you know it, the piece I so objected to was their favorite.

After the concert we zoomed home so that I could do my chores and exercise before bed. I have no idea what time it was when I finally got to bed.

Thursday began with going to the clinic for my allergy shot. That's when I found out that it had been more than a year since I'd been examined an allergist. The idea of needing to come in an additional day did not thrill me but fortunately they had an open spot that morning. The exam was quick but it also revealed it's been something like seven years since I'd last been tested. Re-testing every four or five years is common, so I'll need to schedule one eventually. I am really not looking forward to it as the testee needs to be off allergy medicines for about a week beforehand. Seeing as I can't sleep without my medicines, the entire thing is hard on me. I'm also supposed to try some new OTC nasal sprays and stop using Afrin but I'm cheap and want to use
up my Afrin first. The doctor said she's had patients who experienced adverse effects with Afrin but I'm using less than a quarter of the dose indicated on the box which is why I think I've been lucky.

Anyway, after the appointment and getting my shots we went to work. Work went mostly okay but something or other was going and we ended up leaving later than we'd expected. Which wasn't good as we not only needed to get dinner, we needed to go to the post office before they closed and get to the Baldwin Theater on time for Into The Woods. That, apparently, wasn't enough stress so the universe saw to it that the left lens popped out of my eyeglasses while I was trying to read the menu board. Since I could no longer see what any of the new items were, I went with an old favorite (Arby's turkey gyro). We ate our sandwiches, went home to find the set of miniature screwdrivers, fixed my glasses, jumped back into the car, and got to the post office a whole ten
minutes before they locked the doors. I got my stamps and picked up the mail, then it was back to the car and off to the theatre.

The show, well, I wasn't impressed. What I liked best was the set design. The problem wasn't the actors, but the story. I did't much care for any of the characters and when the production reached the intermission I thought it was over. You know how most of the time there's some sort of cliff-hanger first? This was more like a gentle wrap-up of the story and a whispered "there's going to be a sequel." we stuck it out but once again I was underwhelmed and the exhaustion I knew I'd be
feeling Friday morning was not a fair exchange for my time and attention.

As expected, it was going on 2 am by the time I got to bed and getting to work on Friday was no fun at all. After work we went grocery shopping as jebra asked me to make sauerkraut for SEMGS and we didn't have the ingredients. Shopping took a couple of stores and couple of hours and I was so hungry by the time we got home I was light-headed. I sat down with a big bowl of milk & cereal and ate until I wasn't hungry and I felt better. It was a good hour until I stood up again, and then it was time to clean up the dishes and get started on clearing off enough of the kitchen counter to use the big crockpot. Some of the things on the counter (a smaller crockpot, my blender, etc.) had been up there for long they were grimy. So everything had to be cleaned before being put elsewhere. We don't have a dishwasher, so this was a lengthy manual process. Plus I still had to exercise and take care of the cat's litter box and all the usual before-bed stuff. I was 2:00 when I called it a night and went to bed. I woke up at 5:00 and thought about doing more cleaning but I realized I felt horrible and would not be able to cope with anything going wrong and went back to bed. I felt much better four hours later and went out to start cooking. jebra wanted to help and that meant he did the lion's share of the work. He slivered onions, fried them with butter and kielbasa, and then between us we layered the crock with the cabbage and sauerkraut and chopped apples and a few bay leaves. Four hours later it was ready and we went off to Fred and Laura's house, where we saw friends and true-to-form ate way too much. Someone (Carl, I think) made a golden mushroom soup that was to die for. Everything was good, but that soup... Yum.

We didn't get home until late, and of course I still had to take care of the cats, and exercise, and shower. It was quite late (past 3 am) when I fell into bed but I was happy when I woke up and it wasn't much past 10 am. My sleep schedule is already messed up; I try not to make it worse by sleeping in so much on Sunday morning that I can't fall asleep Sunday night.

Sunday wasn't more than laundry (lots & lots of laundry), crochet, and Ingress. (And cats & exercise and putting clean linens on the bed.)

Monday was work followed by band practice and, for me, the usual Monday night stuff.

Tuesday was work folled by jazz band practice for jebra and laundry and crochet and cats for me. I could use a nap but there's no time for that.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see".

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