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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it in a new tab by clicking here.)

With jebra away and me exhausted from last week's New Year's excursion, I spent my time alternating between home and work and not getting as much done in either place as I'd hoped. My work desk is once again covered with random papers and things I need to examine closely in order to figure out what needs to be done to get them off my desk. At home, I knocked out the first three cat beds of 2018 and then had the mad idea I could finish the cowl I'm knitting before the guild meeting. Seeing as the guild met last night and I have easily a third of skein of sock yarn left, I have many hours of knitting left to go. Oh, and remember how I said I wasn't going to buy more good yarn? Well, I didn't buy any -- what I did was enter the $2 raffle -- and won six skeins of gorgeously dyed yarn and a book of hat patterns. I see knitting some fancy winter hats in my future. But not the near future as I want to finish my cowl first, and the scarf I started at the same time, and knit up the baby jacket I saw online the other night. I already have the yarn for it; in fact that was how I discovered the pattern, looking at what other people have made from that yarn and posted to Ravelry.

While jebra was in Maryland with our van, I rented a car from the folks at Enterprise. I told them I wanted a tiny car, preferably that red Fiat 500 I fell in love with last summer. The red one wasn't there and the cream-colored one had a dying battery in the keyfob, so they were reluctant to rent it to me. Getting stranded in the cold sounded horrible, so I agreed to the Chrysler 300 they offered in its place. I had some trouble driving it as it much preferred to go sideways than in a straight line when given the slightest hint of ice or slush. I was nervous as anything going to and from work the first day and I had my heart in my mouth every time I had to turn a corner. Fortunately the roads were clear and dry the following morning which is when I decided the 300 would make a great summer car. Although I wasn't all that fond of how big it was; wikipedia informs me it a mid-size car but it seemed huge to me and I noticed it is longer than my boss' SUV when I parked next to him. The only features I really liked were the rear view camera and the heated steering wheel. If I'd been car shopping and the heated steering wheel was listed as a reason to buy a particular car I'd have told you that's both frivolous and ridiculous, but in a cold climate its wonderful, particularly if you are like me and dislike wearing gloves. I keep gloves with me, two pairs in fact, but I won't put them on unless it is bitterly cold and I have to scrape off the windshield.

A big storm was supposed to arrive over the weekend and seeing as the 300 already had me nervous, on Friday I called Enterprise and asked if I could swap it for a smaller and less powerful car. They said they'd be open from 9 am to noon on Saturday and to call before coming over to make sure something would be available that suited me. I did, they did, and I went over and picked up a little Ford Fusion. It was much more my sort of car -- quick and nimble and small enough to back up our driveway without ended up on the lawn. And it handled snow and ice like a champ because snow did come down over the weekend. I wasn't out during the snow, other than the trek to Enterprise and Meijer's, I didn't go anywhere on Saturday and on Sunday I left the house only long enough to drive to the park a few blocks from our house to hack the portal (play Ingress and keep my consecutive days of play going).

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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