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Project 52

(If the image refuses to load, you should be able to see it here.)

This was, thankfully, a much quieter week than Week 51. For us it started with dinner at Jean & Marshall (and Ian)'s house. That was last Thursday, which I kept thinking was Friday even though I'd received my alrlegy shots that morning. Dinner was grand but I was up way to late thanks to being good and exercising when we got home. I do wonder which is worse for me, not exercising or not getting enough sleep. It's hard to say as my blood sugar runs high when I haven't had less than seven hours of sleep, but then it runs high if I skip biking before bed too.

Friday was work and entirely unremarkable. I'm pretty sure we went to Trader Joe's after work but if we did more I have no idea what that was. On Saturday I sat out on the couch and got out my crochet and knocked out a cat bed and started the next. I also sorted everything on the DRV alphabetically and watched some of the old stuff I've had hanging around for more than a year. Seeing as I have all of Bull but have seen only two episodes, there is still a whole lot left to go. I also finally looked up the info on "Village of the Damned" and figured out that (1) it isn't a 5-part movie and (2) I had recordings of all of the episodes to date. So I watched four hours of VotD while repeatedly thinking "this is horrible!" Not because of the murders (which were certainly horrible for the victims and their friends and families) but because they were told so melodramatically and same clips were show repeatedly. Booooooring. This did not stop me from watching the final episode when it aired Tuesday night. Somehow I thought it would be better than the previous four. It wasn't.

Anyway, I worked on cat beds until I got hungry, and then suggested to jebra that he take me to Sila for dinner. He's been wanting to take me there ever since he found out the restaurant is closing for good on December 31st. The owners are retiring and none of their kids wanted to take over the business. Rumor is that they sold it to Green Lantern, which would be an acceptable outcome in my opinion as Green Lantern makes one of the best pizzas in Metro Detroit. And if they keep some of Sila's other Italian dishes on the menu that would be even better. Anyway, dinner was wonderful and jebra was very happy with my suggestion as unbeknownst to me, one of his band mates had gone there with his wife and posted on fb about and it had given him a craving. So dinner was wonderful and a rather lengthy event as the place was packed and only one of their ovens had a working thermostat. Apparently even the appliances are unhappy about the coming change in ownership. The food was top-notch and we went home with left-overs for Christmas Eve. Then it was off to Trader Joe's for the stuff we forgot to get the day before, then home to more tv and crochet. Followed by exercise and a shower and eventually bed.

Christmas Eve day found us sleeping in, then more tv and crochet, then off to Trader Joe's to see if any eggnog had come in. It had, but it had also sold out before we arrived. I love eggnog but I don't love the calories so I wasn't heartbroken by our inability to buy a quart. We played some Ingress while we were out and then returned to the house for, you guessed it, tv and crochet and exercise.

Christmas Day we slept in (albeit a little less than the day before), I called my mother, we had breakfast, and then I went back to tv and crochet. I finished three cat beds over the weekend so I was quite happy that I am replenishing my stock. I want to make sure I have a bunch for MCFC (assuming this year's charity will have anything to do with cats or dogs) and I want some for the upcoming Wisconsin furrycon too. I'm not sure if I'm going to go to that one. I need to find out exactly when it is and if the boss will let me have a couple of days off to go. When both jebra are missing that's close to half the company out (2/5ths, to be exact). Add that to my dislike of travel and there you have it, a good reason to stay home. On the other hand, now that we are down to one car again there's a reason to go with him -- if I stay and he takes the car, I need to rent one to get myself to and from work...

Christmas dinner was earlier than usual because with the snowstorms rolling through the area we'd gone shopping in the early afternoon on Sunday and my last hack of the day was at 3:30 p.m. I know Ingress's clock is not perfect, but I don't want to risk exceeding 24 hours between hacks. I'm at 932 days of consecutive play and I want to keep going. So we left the house around 3:00 on Christmas Day and headed down surface streets to our usual place for Chinese on Christmas. Only there were no cars in their parking lot and I'm not entirely certain it had been plowed. I looked it up on Google which shows it closed on Mondays, but being Christmas I wondered if they'd be op en anyway. I know for a fact they do a ton of business on Christmas, so I tried calling too, but there was no answer. There's another restaurant less than a mile from our house, but they are typically closed Christmas day. I decided to call anyway, and was pleasantly surprised to learn they were actually open. So we looped back and had dinner near the house. The long drive was fun anyway, as someone had gone through Ferndale and blown up most of the portals. We took full advantage of this and captured as many of the ghosts as we possibly could. Points-wise, it was an efficient outing and it didn't involve standing around in the bitter cold, so that was another win.

After dinner we returned to the house where jebra went back to his computers and I returned to my crochet (and tv and exercise).

Tuesday found us up at almost the normal time, and we decided we'd come in to work where we thought we'd have the place to ourselves. We were here to do work, not goof around, so it was no problem when one of our coworkers arrived shortly after we did. And the boss showed up in the afternoon so with one exception (and that being the person with multiple offices in multiple locations) everyone was here. Which I find funny because Tuesday was an official company-wide vacation day.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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