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Project 52

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The week went by quickly and was far more frustrating for jebra than myself. A water main broke somewhere in Oakland County and much of Farmington/Farmington Hills was without potable water for about a week. Schools closed and restaurants were reduced to serving bottled water. When repairs were completed the pipes needed flushing. Farmington High School did this by turning on the taps for some set amount of time. Unfortunately for the music department, one of the taps was missed during the turning off the taps stage. Directly above the percussion storage room is an art classroom with an under-performing drain. Teachers and/or students have been complaining about it for months, but nothing was done about it. That was the tap that was left open all weekend. The drain couldn't keep up with the incoming water, the sink overflowed, and water fell like rain through the art room floor onto the storage room. The FCB lucked out in that their storage cabinet was mostly underneath another cabinet fixed to the wall and that shielded their equipment. The high school kids were not as fortunate. Due to the mopping up and drying out needed, Monday's band rehearsal was cancelled.

The Spooktacular concert went very well (that was on Sunday, there was no sign of flooding/water seepage at the time). I dressed up as Rosie the Riveter just for fun, and spent my time in the auditorium working on Halloween appropriate dishcloths. The pattern is a mosaic stitch and by
mixing and matching parts, four different cats can be knit. I wanted to do all four and I did. I knit the first two last year, put the project into time-out, and finished the final two this October. I have both black and orange cotton yarn left over and I'm thinking I should make more at some point, and surprise my favorite cat rescues with few. I'm pretty sure they use washcloths in caring for the wee beasties and/or their surroundings. That's for later though, the next projects that are up are finishing another Gratiot Hat and working on a scarf for [personal profile] redblack32's son. The yarn for the scarf arrived on Monday and I'm eager to see how it looks on my needles. I want to use the smallest size needles that produces a nice, non-stiff fabric as the charted out pattern is some 50 or 60 stitches wide.

In mom news, as of yesterday she was still in rehab but passing all of the tests so she may be home today. Her mood was good when I talked to her on Monday as she'd escaped from rehab for a while on Sunday, when one of her friends took her to see Wicked. Which she said she liked to much that she wants to see it again.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see


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