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Project 52

(If the image won't load, try seeing it HERE.)

For me, this past week was stressful. jebra's parents were getting ready to head to Florida for the winter and until Friday we didn't know how, exactly, they were going to get there. The past few years jebra's brother has driven them which is a good thing as his father now drives so slow it frightens me that he's either going to get into an accident or he's going to trigger a road rage incident. Adding to the stress was uncertainty about borrowing Perspective's truck and getting it loaded with the band's gear for Sunday's concert.

My Saturday ended up being a morning of catching up on things I'd DVR'd, then leaving for Burnfest in the afternoon, seeing the early part of the crowd, then taking off for Grand Ledge and saying goodbye to jebra's parents. (His sister drove up to their house to drive them and their car down to Grand Ledge, leaving her car behind for her husband to pick up on his way home from a trip up north with at least one of his brothers. Since he was up there already, that worked surprisingly well. I have no idea how the parental units were getting down to Pendleton, or even if they were actually stopping in Pendleton on the way to Zephryhills. I do know jebra's brother was supposed to do driving of the final part of the journey.

It was Sunday on the way to the high school to load the truck that I realized I had failed to take any photos on Saturday. This annoyed me no end as I'd wanted to take some of the party and his folks and had been thinking about it on and off all week.

The folks who host Burnfest have three rescue greyhounds (all retired racers) and besides seeing the people getting to snuggle with the dogs is my favorite part. Our cats did not react to me when we got home that night, but both cats immediately came to check out my knitting bag and sniffed it nervously for a surprisingly long time. It was cute and amused me no end.

Sunday's concert went well and the weather was ideal. Blue skies and comfortably warm temperatures. I found a bench situated in one of Tollgate Farm's many small gardens under a grape arbor and sat in the shade knitting during the concert. After getting everything back to the high school a bunch of us went out to dinner, then it was time to return the truck, go home, and finish up the weekend chores.

Monday was work followed by band practice for jebra and work followed by laundry, crochet, and two hours on my exercise bike. I stayed up too late and felt like crap yesterday, but it was Guild night and I was excited about that. I turned in another three charity hats and came home with an equivalent volume of scrap yarn (which I will turn into another cat bed).

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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