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Project 52

First off, I've been having trouble getting pictures to load properly, which makes no sense as I'm using the same script I've used for the past three years (and all it does is provide the raw html which I then hand-edit). So if the pictures won't load, you can go to them directly by
clicking here and here. It's been such a busy week one page just wasn't big enough to show everything.

And busy is not that half of it. Heck, it took a good three-plus hours to get back to DW to add this commentary. And to discover the html was even more problematic than it has been recently. Then again that may just be due to today -- I woke up thinking we'd overslept and that it felt like it was 9 am. I poked jebra to wake him up and ask what time it was. Answer? "After eleven." We got up and got ready for work as fast as possible, picking up lunch on the way in. Which was the only good thing about waking up late.

So back to recounting this past week. Thursday night we went to Shain Park in Birmingham as I'd seen a couple of mentions of it having been yarn bombed and we needed to play Ingress anyway. Shain Park as a lot of portals and as they were green, there were many points to be had. We both made level 15 while playing there. I don't know why jebra has been pushing so hard to make Level 15 before October, but he got his way and we did it. I like playing the game but things I really love are Missions and Mission Days. And we haven't had time to fit in any big events and likely won't before Spring. I don't play as much during the cold & snowy/icy months plus with band back in session his free time is even more scarce than usual. As witnessed by his needing to pick up the truck for Sunday's FCB gig at the Franklin Cider Mill. He
had to leave work in the middle of the afternoon on Friday to get the key to the truck. And while he was absent the tow-truck driver came to fetch the maroon Park Avenue ("Chet") and tow him away for scrap. He no longer ran and sat so long in the parking lot here at work that the brakes froze up. We couldn't even roll it back when we wanted to try to figure out what was wrong with it and decide what was the best course for disposing of it (donate to charity, sell it as working car, sell it to parts dealer, sell it for scrap metal). It went as scrap metal, which meant it brought next to no money in but it knocked over a grand off the auto insurance bill and that made me a lot happier.

By the time jebra returned, the car was gone. We finished working, staying late to make up for the afternoon disruption, then went off to Perspectives to pick up the truck and for me to follow jebra to the high school.
He parked the truck where he wanted it, then he took over driving and I believe we went grocery shopping. I do remember it was cold and rainy and we would put of going to Astronomy at the Beach for a night.

On Saturday I had to wake up reasonably early as Tina has restarted Knit Club and I was bound and determined to make this one. I did and it was wonderful seeing everyone and catching up on news and gossip. I knit most of a hat while there, going so far as to actually knit a swatch. Not that helped as my swatch was dead on for number of rows and stitches but the hat itself came out tas a full size smaller. It's a Charity project though, so being a kid size rather than adult is not a problem. I'm knitting another one now, with an additional 16 stitches per row and I'll see what happens.

Tina gave me a ride home after club because jebra wasn't back from actually loading the truck. When he did get home, I stopped fiddling with my computer and joined him for the drive out to Kent Lake. The Astronomy thing did not match my mental image of what it would be like at all but it was good surprising our friend Bob by appearing at his table. And I did like seeing the telescope belonging to the Warren Astronomy Club. Bob said we couldn't miss it as it as big as a cannon and he wasn't kidding. I was thinking it would be like one of those cannons you find decorating courthouses, left over from the civil war. No, this thing was a good two feet across at the top end and you had to climb a ladder to look through the eyepiece. I do not climb ladders without a very good reason and considering the line of people waiting for their turn, this did not quality. But I did get to see the International Space Station cross the Big Dipper while we were out and just seeing the stars overhead was nice.

We had to get up reasonably early again on Sunday as not only did we need to get out to the Cider Mill for the concert, we had to run billing as well. Weather for the concert was just about perfect and I made progress on my hat while there. I also took a bunch of photos two of which I was happy enough with that I turned into puzzle pieces at (not that I have yet figured out how to point anyone to them).

The concert went well and after we unloaded the truck a bunch of us went to dinner at Ginopolis which was as good as expected. After dinner I drove to Perspectives in the van, trying to get there before the sun went down and I could no longer see to drive. I made it with like three minutes to spare so I am really hoping I don't need to do that again this coming Sunday when the band has an outreach concert. Gabe eventually showed up with the truck and then he got to drive us home where I could bike for an hour, take a shower, and get ready for the work week.

Monday was work followed by band practice for jebra and laundry and two hours of crochet for me. I finished another cat bed then climbed onto my exercise bike and pedaled my way through an episode each of Dr Phil and Judge Judy.

Last night I was beat I didn't even want to crochet (even though the previous night I was all excited about the next cat bed as so far the yarns are combining in a really interesting way). Instead I had dinner (salad), knitted a few rows on the larger hat, then got on my exercise bike before getting in the shower and otherwise getting ready for work and bed. I was in bed before
jebra got home from his coffee date which makes oversleeping this morning even more significant. Annoyingly, I'm still tired but this non-stop running around is wearying.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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