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Project 52

It was a busy week and most of it was enjoyable. I thought we'd escaped without new car trouble, but Monday night shortly after jebra left for band practice in the beige Park Avenue I heard him return to the house. I don't know how far he traveled or if he even moved the car, but he said the brakes went out and the pedal went all the way to the floor. He switched to the van and went off without further trouble. That Park Avenue is parked in front of our house. The maroon one is still broken and here at the office and so far all of my attempts to get rid of it have failed. If this keeps up rather than sell it I'm just going to have to donate it somewhere and just be happy that it is off the insurance.

The other things of note include updates on my mom's health. Her mood seems to be lifting; she went into a depression after her stroke and that's been as much of a struggle for her as the changes wrought by the stroke itself. Her vision isn't back to normal and it is unlikely it ever will, and her memory isn't working quite right either. I think the memory problems aren't as bad as she thinks they are. Yes, she struggles for the right words, but I think she's also panicking because they aren't coming as fast as she wants and that getting flustered and trying to hurry is making them harder to find. Meanwhile, she says her cardiologist wants to implant a heart monitor in her chest. She was on an external one for nearly a month but as far as I can tell all it did was annoy her with beeps to take her medications, or eat, or test her blood. If it actually reported any abnormalities with her heart that's news to me.

The weather here as been much too hot for my personal preference. That's one reason we finished the Northville Ingress Mission Set after work on Friday. We'd talked about going Saturday afternoon before the birthday party in Ann Arbor, but I figured it would be a lot cooler if we went in the evening. It was still not but not unbearable and we finished the mission without too much trouble. I'm told it's supposed to cool off later this week but right now it feels like the hottest days of summer, not like the first few days of Autumn.

The weekend parties were pretty good. I brought my knitting with me and finished off a hat. I was happy about the hat but extremely annoyed with myself when I realized I had once again forgotten to take any photos of the events themselves and, more importantly, the people there.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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