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Finally, part 2 of Project 52 Week 33

On Saturday, my first shift at IFC was keeping folks out the hallway before and during the Furry Parade and helping the furries stay more or less in formation. I've been told their heads obstruct their vision and I saw that in action when one of them veered out of line heading in the wrong direction and had the folks behind him or her follow right along. I saw what was happening and darted in front of him or her, stuck out my arms so that I was sure to make contact, and turned him/her in the proper direction. The folks behind immediately began going in correct way. I stayed in that spot for the remainder of the parade and there were further escapees, at least at my location. The parade terminated inside the courtyard that lies in the center of the hotel buildings. That's what's in the photo on today's page, only it does not show all 300+ furries. It shows the center of the grouping, including the woman who runs the animal rescue they support and her dog. True to form, I have no idea what her name is but I remember her dog's name is Daffodil.

After dinner with Les & Stephanie I went up to our room to recharge my devices and apparently my own internal battery as I fell asleep reading Twitter and was out for about an hour and a half. I then went down to Operations and hung out there until my next shift. Once again I was keeping non-attendees and minors of all stripes out of the 18+ panels. About an hour before my shift ended I swapped places with Dee, who had been stationed outside the dance. Once again I felt compelled to move with the music and I stayed there after my shift ended until the dance itself was over. Afterwards jebra went for a walk around the first floor of the hotel and he showed me where the fitness center is located and gave me a quick tour of the bar and the rooms behind it. This came in handy on Sunday when I decided to check out the Dealer's Den. Didn't find anything that tempted me, other than art pieces by one of our friends. I'm toying with the idea of commissioning a piece but, like my next tattoo, I have no idea what I want. That's why my next tattoo has taken longer than I've been married to get. (More than thirty years for those who lost score.)

By the time we ended our walk I was tired and my knees were in agreement that it was time to go to bed. So I did.

Before the parade I took two photos of Uncle Kage, one of him holding up his "Picture of Kage $5" sign (for which I did indeed pay $5 to the charity) another of him wearing one of my cat beds on his head (which was relative steal at $1 (but only because he knew it was one of the 25 beds I was donating to the rescue)). I shall treasure those photos forever. I love Uncle Kage even though I don't think he recognizes me yet. He is extremely well known in the Furry World, and known in the wine world and the scientific world as well. At the Motor City Furry Con I was disappointed that I had to miss his talk on science an pseudoscience due to my shift being at the same time, but then I learned that it's always the same talk and that there's a recording of it on youtube. I then watched the video (Science, Pseudosciene & Outright Scheiße" and *really* fell for him. Which reminds me, in the last week or two I learned that some folks are now refusing to vaccinate their pets for fear of them becoming autistic. Crazy.

Anyway, on Sunday at IFC we slept in a little, packed out, and went down to Ops. jebra came on duty around noon, but I didn't have any shifts, so I visited the Dealer's Den then returned to Operations to hang out with the Dorsai before the auction. It was then that Alkali learned someone had inflated a Bounce House in one of the big rooms for the furries to enjoy. He blurted something about "liability" and went off to investigate. I wanted to see this as the idea of furries bouncing around sounded hilarious but I didn't quite catch the name of the room and ended up at the Furry Games. It wasn't Olympic-like, what I saw was the final game which was sort-of a game of Musical Chairs played with a large blue ball. The furry left holding the ball when the music stopped was eliminated. It wasn't a Bouncy House but the music was good and it was fun to watch.

Next up for me was the Auction, so I went and laughed my butt off (Uncle Kage is an excellent auctioneer) and accidentally got caught up in the excitement and bid on and won a signed poster of the DJs who performed at the con. I thought the poster was kinda cool but I could have taken a photo of it if I was interested in having my own copy, but when I learned that to follow was a recording of all of the concerts, I bid. I won't get the audio for another month or two but what the heck. I'll have it, I like it, and that was another $40 for the charity. Oh, any the one cat bed I put into the auction went for either $20 or $30, not as much as others have gone for in the past, but Alkali won the auction and I love that he has it for his kitty. And I got to see the con chair wear it on his head as the bidding began. Sadly, I wasn't quick enough with the camera to capture that memory.

We left the con around 5 pm and began the long drive home. We had to reroute our path shortly after getting onto the freeway due to a multi-car injury accident somewhere further up the road, but Waze came through and we found an alternate route that was both moving and not insanely crowded.

We got Dee back to her place around 10 pm and ourselves home around midnight. Speaking of Dee, on Friday she gave a copper and swarovski crystal bracelet I have yet to take a photo of. It's handmade and entire gorgeous.

Monday morning sucked as when we got home we still had to unpack the car, put things away, exercise (it isn't good for me to do nothing but sit all day), shower and get ready for the work week. I think I was up until 3 am.

I don't remember Monday at all, nor Tuesday other than I was working on the scrapbook page and trying to clean off my desk at work. As usual, I failed in the desk-clearing department.

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