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Project 52

Wednesday and Thursday were normal work days followed by getting ready for our trip to Indianapolis. We thought we might leave Thursday night after work but jebra wasn't sent a schedule so we thought we wouldn't be needed until Friday afternoon. So Thursday night found us shopping Turkish coffee, then searching for exercise clothes & swimwear for sale in my size. It took three stores before we found one that had swimsuits in my size and even then that meant only two suits to choose between.

We left the house early Friday morning, went down to Dearborn to buy baklava for the convention, then drove out to Jackson to meet up with Dee. We planned to take her minivan to Indianapolis but less than five miles from her apartment the low brake light came on and the insistent binging began. We tried adding brake fluid, but that didn't solve the problem for more than two minutes and we already knew that her mechanic couldn't fit us into his schedule until mid-afternoon. We thought about renting a van for the trip but in the end we decided we'd take our Park Avenue if everything fit into it. Apparently Park Avenues and minivans have the same amount of storage space, only arranged quite differently.

The remainder of the drive to Indianapolis was uneventful and we checked in with the Dorsai Irregulars and picked up our badges and room keys, then went upstairs to drop off our gear. Our room was beautiful and amazingly large, with a separate bedroom and a Murphy Bed in the living room. Which was good as we were sharing the room with one of the other DI working the convention.

I don't remember much about my shifts working security other than I was always on door duty checking badges. Friday night I could hear the dance from my post guarding an 18+ panel, and spent my shift pretending I know how to dance. My knees hurt so much afterwards that I gave up the idea of putting on my exercise clothes and searching for the hotel's fitness center.

Saturday would have been just like Friday as regards hanging out with the Dorsai and working security except that jebra's brother and his wife came out to have either a late lunch or an early dinner with us near the hotel. Seeing them was lovely.

More later. I can hear the husband putting on his boots and it is past time we left for work.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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