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Project 52

No band stuff this week for me (jebra had two practices), but we did go for a walk at the zoo after work on Wednesday. The zoo stays open until 8:00 on Wednesday and Thursday nights during July and August, which is how we could go. We had a nice walk and then went to Trader Joes to try to find something to have for dinner. We must have found something as I know I ate, but I have no idea what we bought.

Thursday was work followed by Ingress then biking and getting ready for Friday. Other than work I have no idea what we did Friday night. Saturday we drove out to Ypsilanti to look at Subarus and discovered that jebra is too tall for out an Outback. We saw two used Foresters we liked; one a manual the other an automatic. I've driven a stick a few times but I'm not sure I remember how and with my left foot dropping the way it does I'm not sure I'd trust it with a clutch. We left having not reached a decision and, in fact, we still don't know what we want to do. I think I want a wonderful free car to fall into my lap as what's bothering me is the thought of spending money on a car that turns out to be unreliable as the two we own now. Which reminds me, I should see if we can jump the maroon Park Avenue as the poor thing has sat in our parking lot at work since the tail end of winter. I remember that it was acting funny when we drove it in but I can't remember what the funny was. My hope is that we can jump it, get to our mechanics' shop, get it repaired and then decide what to do with it. At least one of the two Park Avenues needs to go if we're buying another car.

Sunday was sleeping in, laundry, playing Ingress, grocery shopping, knitting, and trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour (I failed). Monday was working and not feeling at all well; very very tired with bouts of vertigo. Tuesday was back to work, this time without the vertigo but still feeling tired and worried about everything (politics, our cars, and the future in general). I peddled my exercise bike for a full hour, took my shower and then sat in front of my laptop for a while, remembering at the last minute that I'd meant to work on a baby hat. I had about a half hour before the lamp shut itself off, so I got out my knitting and tried to add a few rows. I'm working with DPNs and once again I'm having the project slip off the inactive needles when I start to relax and think I've finally got everything under control. I've already had to frog this hat once so I'm doubly annoyed by having the stitches escape. This morning I thought more about switching to circular needles as I probably have two sets of circs in the right size (I don't do magic loop, probably because I've never learned how and it looks more fiddly than using two sets of circulars). Naturally, I can't find either set of my Knit Picks. I'm almost 100% sure they are in the living room somewhere but they refused to surface. Tonight I'll have to look under the couch and try the various bins again if that fails.

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