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Shame on me - Drinking from the Fire Hose — LiveJournal
and trying not to drown

Date: 2017-07-25 10:36
Subject: Shame on me
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Tags:dr. phil
This morning I was delighted to see that Danielle Bregoli (the "Cash me outside" girl I saw twice on Dr. Phil) has pled guilty to grand theft and other lesser charges. NBC also reports that Bregoli could face additional charges for a battery incident earlier this year after she and her friends were caught on surveillance video attacking a group of women outside of Kavasutra Kava Bar.

The first time I saw on her on Dr. Phil I thought she was an out-of-control teen but I had some hope that Dr. Phil and the ranch he sent her to would provide the help she needed. The follow-up visit on Dr. Phil showed in spite of therapy and additional time to grow up she still believes society's rules don't apply to her and that she is immune to negative consequences. Hopefully the the court will disabuse of her of this notion before her actions get someone killed and she ruins her chances for a life outside of prison. (Do I think she needs to be incarcerated now, yes I do. Do I think she deserves a life sentence for what she's done thus far? No, not at all.)

In my opinion she's immature, greedy, and selfish. I also think she's going to have a hard time finding a legal way to afford the lifestyle she wants.

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User: wpadmirer
Date: 2017-07-25 23:48 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
ARGH. I've never really known what that was about. (I've seen online references, but no details.) I do not understand people who think that their actions will have no consequences. That's called being a sociopath.
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User: maddiec24
Date: 2017-07-29 23:49 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Ooh, I can't watch her, I just want to smack her. I didn't know she'd been arrested.
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