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Project 52

The first half of 2017 went fast, as did all of week 27. jebra played a concert in Milford last week. The concert went reasonably well, although building the stage next to a waterway was not the brightest move. The band was playing as loud as possible but that wasn't discernible from where I sat. Wrangling equipment back into the truck seemed to take forever and then we had to return stuff to the high school and then the truck back to its owner. After that we got to drive to downtown Royal Oak to check our PO Box so jebra could update client payments before billing ran on the first. It was midnight by the time we got home, and that was when he discovered one of the machines had failed while we were gone. He swapped hardware around until he had a working machine but he needs a better solution as the cobbled together thing he's running is as loud as your average industrial vacuum cleaner 24/7.

We slept in the next morning as long as we dared, as I had a rental car to pick up and he wanted an early start to his trip to Pittsburgh. He didn't get as early of a start as he wanted, but he and his travel companions made it to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon. I haven't heard much about the con other than he spent 45 minutes telling 1,890 furries to watch their step as the passed his watchpoint. I kept an eye on NikonLion's twitter feed while he was gone and wishing I could see all those wonderful costumes in person and enjoying the clips of the raves he also posted.

My own Saturday was quieter. I had a leisurely breakfast and eventually coaxed myself into the rental and went out to Artisan Knitworks. Both Sandra and Larry were in, so I caught up with them, chatted with one my sisters in the knitting guild who came into buy yarn, and learned that the shop is moving to Chelsea at the end of summer. I won't be able to go as often but hopefully my loss with be jennlk's gain.

Sunday I kept closer to home, going out to pick up more groceries from Trader Joes and then reclaiming our neighborhood as someone destroyed out our nice blue fields and turned our home portals green. I'd spent too much time sitting during the week so I biked extra and made a few trips up and down the basement stairs doing laundry.

Monday was a normal workday for me, so I got up and came in the office and did work-like things.
After work I had to return the rental car and getting that back was a frustrating experience. I had to fill up the gas tank first, so I headed to Costco thinking that would be an easy trip considering how light traffic was but for some unknown reason the light on Crooks at the
entrance to I-75 wasn't working correctly and I had to sit through three cycles before the left-turn arrow came on. I was getting quite worked up as it was clear the people behind me were
growing aggravated. Then I made the mistake of driving down to 12 mile thinking it would be faster than getting off at Rochester and taking surface streets. I had only one lane was open and that I'd have to contend with a continuous stream of west bound traffic. If it weren't for the
traffic light farther up the street I'd probably still be sitting there.

Anyway, I got got, got the car back to the rental place, and as it wasn't raining, began the long slog home. The weather was pleasant; not to hot and not too much wind so I decided to try walking the 3.4 miles to my house. I checked wave and walkroid and discovered I move at 2 mph, which is in align with the three-plus hours it took for me to reach the house. I was utterly exhausted when I arrived, so much so that my foot dropped three times in the last quarter mile and I was too hot and too tired to do more than sit on the couch afterwards. I grabbed a ginger ale from the fridge on the way past and then stayed put for a good long while. I was so tired and so sore I didn't go down to the basement until the next morning and didn't take a shower before bed either.

jebra arrived home about twenty minutes later. At some point he asked if I want to go to Dearborn to have breakfast with a bunch of filkers. I wasn't sure as I thought I should stay home and wash the sheets but then breakfast moved from somewhere in Dearborn to the Original Pancake House and I decided I wanted to go. The crowd shrunk to one other person and I was glad I went as the three of use sat and ate and talked for several hours.

After we said goodbye, jebra asked if I wanted to go to the zoo. I wasn't sure it would be open, but we went and it was. It wasn't nearly as crowded as it usually is when we visit during the warmer months but it was very hot and because we hadn't planned ahead we weren't carrying water the way we usually do. We walked and played Ingress until our batteries were nearly out of juice, then to Trader Joes to get water and figure out what to do about dinner.

Then it was back to the house to work on the laundry and, in my case, play with yarn. I made the base to the another cat bed while watching tv and trying to understand how it can be that I have both too much and too little yarn. I have tons of good yarn, the kind that would be wasteful to use on things for animals and that I give away for free and not a whole lot of odds & ends and/or cheap acrylic. (For reference, the scarf on today's Project 52 page was made with a single ball of Freia Flux (70% merino, 30% silk) at $26 per skein. I finished knitting it at Artisan on Saturday and washed and blocked it Monday morning.)

After dinner (a huge salad) I biked for the 40-minutes remaining on whatever it was I was watching during dinner and for an additional hour show, took a shower, finished the laundry, and dozed on the couch until my hair was dry and the neighbors stopped shooting off fireworks. I wasn't annoyed as it was still the 4th of July, but the idiot who started celebrating at 1 am the night before it no friend of mine.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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