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Project 52

No gardening or weeding was done although the five bags of yard waste from the previous week were hauled to the curb on trash day. I'm not sure where Thursday or Friday went, other than work and shopping and a tiny bit of Ingress. We had to buy graduation cards and gifts before the weekend, as Jebra's cousin's son graduated, as did Jebra's best friend from high school's daughter. Plus it was the best friend's birthday on Saturday too.

Saturday started with breakfast, then a drive out to Millford to see the amphitheater where the FCB will be playing next Thursday. Physically it is a beautiful space, but it is much smaller than I expected based on the proposal drawings I saw the last time I was there. It is also right next to the river and old power house and there is therefore a lot of background noise. Jebra said he'd heard that the Motor City Brass Band had played there and people were complaining that they couldn't hear the bad. The Motor City Brass Band is *loud* (and very, very good), so if they couldn't be heard over the water it is doubtful the FCB has a chance.

After looking at the amphitheater we went back to the car and headed to Byron for the first graduation party of the day. I remembered to take a few pictures of the cake and decorations but overlooked taking photos of any people. I'm particularly disappointed that I don't have any of Jebra's uncle, cousins, or the surprise guests, his brother & the brother's wife. They drove down from Indiana to attend.

Our next stop was Lansing for the second party. The party was pretty much wrapped up by the time we arrived and the food had already been put away. We had a nice relaxing visit with Don and both of his daughters. We were starting to get hungry and one of the daughters wanted a ride back to her apartment, so the four of us piled into Don's van, took her home and then went to Don's favorite restaurant for dinner. There I finally remembered to take a picture with people in it.

After dinner we returned to Don's house, retrieved our car, and then headed to Ionia and my mom. My cousin Travis was there with the youngest of his five(!) children, watching some cartoon with a guitar-playing dinosaur in it. I have no idea what that cartoon is because I AM OLD. What's worse is I started to notice adult things, like how could the dinosaur know how to do things like ride a skateboard minutes after hatching out of its shell?

Anyway, Travis and baby left within the hour, and then it was just us and my mom and it was wonderful. This was the first time we've laid eyes upon one another since TubaChristmas.

Sunday we slept in (yay!), had breakfast, hung out watching old movies and westerns on a new-to-me tv station (Comet) and then went out to dinner before we left for home. Then it was back to the usual, taking care of the cats, exercising, and getting ready for work on Monday.

Monday morning we learned the boss' mother (who is also my dermatologist) was in a car accident on Saturday. It's unclear exactly what happened but she was at fault and her car was totaled. She's still in the hospital with multiple fractures. As if pain wasn't bad enough, she's now going to miss going to Belgium with her family. That was the plan for this year's summer vacation.

Monday afternoon we left work early because the FCB had a nursing home concert. Our departure from work was delayed by pouring rain, but apparently the concert started on time. That may have been the only thing that went right as the concert was abbreviated by the return of inclement weather and Jebra said something to me about ending the concert early meant fewer mistakes were made while playing.

While Jebra was off doing band things, I stayed home doing laundry and exercising and watching bonus court shows. I can't keep up with the things I already record but I could not resist tuning into Judge Judy and Judge Mathis. Judge Judy is more short-tempered than ever but still in control of her courtroom and unwilling to suffer foolishness. Judge Mathis is from Detroit (which the local commercials for his show never fail to tout) and he's as much fun as I remember. Both shows are like hearing Dr. Science though — seconds after they are over I can't remember what they were about. The court show I routinely record is Hot Bench and that's because I like listening to the judges deliberate. Not that every case requires any as sometimes the cases are so clear there is absolutely no wiggle room for the other side. But when the judges have differing opinions or, occasionally have the same opinion but reach it through differing routes, I find their reasoning fascinating. I thought about becoming a lawyer as a possible career when I was in high school but my first law class showed I have no aptitude for practicing law. I have a strong desire things be fair and when the actual law dictates a different outcome I would inevitably read the law wrong and into trouble with my teacher.

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