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Project 52

Memorial Day weekend we had planned to go up to Prudenville to see jebra as they returned from Florida earlier it the week. In the end, jebra went up without me as we were concerned his father wasn't up to extra stress. Once again they had issues getting everything working once the opened the house for the summer. They had power and water going again within 24 hours of returning home, which was good and a huge relief. It's a horrible feeling knowing they're having trouble and being so far away there is nothing we can do to help.

While he was up there jebra cut down tree trees on their property. If they are the ones I'm thinking of, two were dead and one was leaning such that if it fell it would smash the back fence.

On Memorial Day itself jebra plays in Franklin Village's band at the Memorial Day Celebration at the Village Cemetery. I went along for the ride again this year and ended up interviewed by a woman writing for one of the local papers. So far I haven't been able to get my hands on the article to see if my words made it into the paper. I rather doubt they will because when she asked what Memorial Day means to me, my reply was "Depression." Which is honest if not what I'd call eloquent. But I truly feel bad for the poor souls who lost their lives fighting wars. I also mentioned being angered by the commercial aspect (Memorial Day! Go out and buy something on sale!) because it just isn't right to pay more attention to saving money than the sacrifices given so that the rest of us can live in comfort.

jebra was receiving pages from work when we got back to the car, so rather than go to Plymouth and try to complete a bunch of Ingress Missions we had to go home and let him put his hands upon his computers. It took him a while to get everything back on track (I have no idea what went wrong, but part of his fix involved reinstalling the OS), so we were nearing the end of the afternoon when we reached Troy. But I found a mission there that we hadn't run before and went out and did it. The outside temperature was quite pleasant then and I didn't mind the light intermittent rain. We finished our mission and were on the way to the grocery store when the rain grew heavy. But we were in the car by then and the storm was over before we exited the car.

This morning I had a routine checkup with my doctor. My cholesterol has gone up to an unacceptable level. Rather than add another medicine, I'm to reduce my cheese consumption. Which is what I think made it go up; rather than fast food I've been having cheese and pickle sandwiches at work during the week. Otherwise I appear to be doing well enough that I get to skip my next three-month check-up and not go back for six months.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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