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Project 52

jebra went off to work security at Marcon, so I made him jealous by renting an adorable Fiat 500 from Enterprise. The rental agents tried to talk me into a bigger car but I like small cars and I'm much more comfortable parking them. I don't think I'm a good driver and it really shows when I have to parallel park or back into a space. The Fiat was so narrow that even when I thought I'd missed the edge of our driveway, I hadn't and I wasn't on the neighbor's lawn the way I usually am.

Anyway, after work on Friday I went off and played Ingress at the park that's practically across the street from work. I had never seen the park so busy. I saw at least four baseball teams practicing, kids playing basketball, playing on the playground equipment, folks watching the kids and people out with their dogs. Having the Fiat, I was able to squeeze between two of the cars parked in the turn-around and go hack the portals. Then I was off again, taking Auburn to Rochester Road and stopping at all of the Ingress portals on the south side of the road (I didn't want to make any left-hand turns due to how busy Auburn was). I took Rochester down to Stephenson and then continued on home.

Once home I heated up some left-overs before working on yet another crochet cat bed before biking for a hour and doing the rest of my night-time routine.

Saturday I woke up at a decent hour (before noon!), got dressed, ate some breakfast and examined the Intel map to figure out where I wanted to play. I took myself down to the area around 9 mile and John R and tried to find the ghost portals (portals unclaimed by either team). I found quite a few but I forgot how horrible I am with maps and got myself rather lost. Nevertheless I hacked a bunch of portals and deployed on all of them. When I realized I wasn't going to be able to figure out how to get to the remaining ghosts I started to head home. I was quite hungry by this time so I tried to think of restaurants with portals hackable from inside. I ended up at Taco Bell as I didn't want a huge meal, found a table near an electrical outlet and charged my devices and hacked the portal until I burnt it out. I collected twenty or thirty level one resonators which is exactly what I wanted as during the Magnus thing the goal is more to deploy on many portals than make them high-level and difficult to attack. I think I went over to Madison Heights Civic Center
next, and walked around collecting gear. Then it was time to go home and hang out with the cats and get stuff off the DVR while working on the current cat bed. Oh, and do some laundry. There is always dirty laundry to deal with at my house.

On Sunday I impressed myself by waking up before ten. I remembered it was Mother's Day so I texted a note to my mom before heading off to Cranbrook for more Ingress. I'd checked the Intel map late the previous night and noticed the campus was covered with ghosts, checked again before leaving the house, and then got there as quick as I could. This turned out to be wise as the temperature was great and I pretty much had the pathways to myself for several hours. And it's so very beautiful there; great landscaping and art installations and ponds and fountains. I did the area around the art museum first, covering it with blue fields before walking over to what I think are dorms and other school buildings. I finished up that side of the campus and headed back. Looking at my screen I saw some of my work had been undone by a player on the green team I found two likely looking culprits so I went and asked them if they were playing Ingress. The woman looked blank but her companion gave me a vague answer. So I pressed for a better response and discovered he was the person reclaiming my portals for the green team. That was fine by me as I had no intent to hang on to them the way we try to do at the portals surrounding our house. I had deployed low so he probably didn't have any trouble bringing them down and I knew he got a boatload of points for destroying my fields so I don't think he minded my playing in his territory. We chatted about the game for a bit, I introduced myself to their dog, and then we went on our separate ways. Me to the Cranbrook Home and Gardens where there were easily a dozen more portals and *way* too many stairs without hand-rails. I'm stubborn though so I just moved slowly and improvised ways to keep my balance thinking all the while that I wish jebra would hurry up and finish making the walking stick he'd promised me. The grounds themselves are stunning and I had no idea what to expect, but when I rounded one corner into a huge courtyard I actually gasped at the beauty. The dorm side of campus kept making me think I'd found the American Oxford; the area around the house made me think more of the stylish estates of the early part of the century (well, last century) and what they would have been like back in the day. I completed my hacks and, realizing that I was so exhausted I was starting to trip myself, decided against going to the Science Museum and hitting those portals. I made my last hack and, coincidentally earned the first medal for the Magnus challenge. When I got to the car, I called jebra to make sure he wasn't going to be home in time to go to dinner with me, and then took myself to Col's for a Hawaiian Chicken salad. They also have a portal so once again I deployed upon it, put on my best heat sink and multi-hack and collected gear while I ate. Then it was back to Madison Heights Civic Center for yet more gear, then finally home to do more laundry, crochet, and then bike, shower and get ready for bed and work on Monday.

Monday morning I returned the rental car and then jebra picked me up and we came in to work. Monday night he had band practice so other than a few hacks before
reaching the house that was it for Ingress for the night. I did more laundry, more crochet, and watched Dr Phil while biking on my exercise bike.

Last night jebra had his usual coffee date with Margaret, but before he left we went over to Royal Oak's Historical Museum and hacked and deployed on the half dozen portals near there. He took me home and I finished the cat bed I'd started at the weekend, did my biking and then took a shower and got ready for bed.

My photos of Cranbrook do not do it justice. If you ever find yourself in this area I would recommended visiting and seeing it for yourself.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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