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Project 52

My week was pretty good, but so far jebra has been having a rough month. The first thing I recall that went wrong was that the locked his keys in the car while at practice and had to have AAA come rescue him. The next major thing was when he went to deliver percussion instruments to the church for Friday night's OLP concert. He thought the truck could pass under the porte-cochère, but it couldn't and he not only crushed the top corner of the cargo truck he borrowed, but he knocked bricks off the structure and bent the heck out of the metal edge underneath the passageway. We haven't heard how much it is going to cost to repair the church or what their insurance deductible is yet but I know jebra wants to reimburse them. The concert itself went well but jebra was highly annoyed at himself for forgetting to bring any of his recording gear. I was sad about it too as there were a few pieces I would have liked to hear again. We played Ingress on the way home from Novi and didn't get home until quite late. Saturday we had planned to go to SEMGS and then to the Senior Recital of one of his former bandmates (this is the one who is attending Oakland University, studying music, and who debuted three of his compositions back in March. Only I wasn't feeling great and jebra is fighting an upper respiratory infection, so instead of going to SEMGS we went for a long walk at the zoo before attending Ian's concert. Sunday we had to get up fairly early and move more band equipment to the church for the FCB's concert there. That trip was without accident but not without additional stress when jebra discovered they'd forgotten a few essential things back at the high school. Fortuately someone was still there and we could get into the building to retrieve them. The concert itself was very good and afterwards a bunch of band folk went to B.D.'s Mongolian BBQ for dinner. I had a ton of salad and several bowls of ginger chicken soup while waiting for jebra and Howard arrive (they were back at the high school unloading the truck). After dinner we returned the truck to its owners and then played Ingress on the way home. We're participating in the Magnus Builder Challenge and trying hard to earn the The Magnus Architect badge. It is going to be difficult as 3,113 resonator deploys are a lot, particularly when there are only eight resonator slots per per portal. Even though single upgrades per resonator slots are counted, that's a boatload of portals to visit and an annoying amount of time to capture and upgrade each one. We went out Monday after work and played half of downtown Auburn Hills, and went out again last night before my Guild meeting. In the hour we spent in downtown Clawson we captured about a dozen portals. That's not much to show for the amount of time we spent working on it (and we were playing as fast as we could).

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
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