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Project 52

The highlights of the week were Saturday's visit to the Detroit Zoo and our trip to Oakland University on Sunday. When I left the house Saturday morning I thought we were going to the credit union and then coming straight back home. As the only thing on my agenda besides the banking was laundry, and knowing the zoo was only open for another two hours, I agreed to go. The trip itself was nice although most of the animals were hiding, presumably in their warmer indoor habitats. I was quite cold during our walk as I had only my hoodie, not my winter coat. The guanacos were the only animals I noticed that were outside and moving around. I saw a large flock of Flamingos near their usual location but they were inside an interior pen and not spread out as usual. The camels, on the other hand, looked perfectly content laying on the grass in the sun.

Sunday's Composers' Concert lasted just sixteen minutes and all sixteen were very good. Four pieces were performed, three written by Ian Lester (who used to be in the FCB with jebra and the remaining piece by Joshua Bryzelak, who wrote a choral piece based on the poem Without the Night which concerns the negative effects that technology and society have on nature. It was interesting both because I could make out the words and because they made sense to me. I tend to hate all vocal pieces but this one was an exception.

All three of Ian's pieces were excellent but not being a musician let alone a composer, I cannot even begin to tell you why. After the concert we walked around OU's campus playing Ingress, discovered their art gallery and walked through the current exhibit before resuming our game. I was hungry by then so we went to Burgrz for burgers, then to Trader Joes for groceries, to work to drop off some of our purchases. While at the office I wove in the ends on the most recently completed cat beds and had a photo taken of the collection for my records. Then it was time to go home and do my nightly chores, ride my exercise bike, and get into the shower.

Monday was work followed by laundry & exercise, Tuesday was work followed by a walk at park closest to the office, and today I'm back at work and struggling to stay awake.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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