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Project 52

This was a fairly quiet week but not without its stress. On Friday jebra went off to work security at Fur Squared so I had to rent a car (the maroon Park Avenue refused to be jumped). I ended up with a Jeep Renegade, which was a lot bigger and a whole lot taller than what I'm comfortable driving. Although how it can be "bigger" when I believe it is shorter in length than the Park Avenue I don't know. Come to think of it, I believe it was also a little less wide. Anyway, I was afraid to go any further than work and the grocery store because I was paranoid about getting it scratched in a parking lot or, worse, getting into an accident. That meant I skipped seeing my friends at Artisan Knitworks and, instead, stayed home and worked on my Sneaky Sheep project. Knitting has not been going very well for me lately. On Friday I finished knitting the lace scarf I've been working on since last December. Right now it is pinned out and drying on the blocking boards, but I made a pretty big error on grafting the two sides together. I held the incorrect sides together while grafting them together and now there's a visible ridge at the join. I'd already taken out the kitchener twice (which added a good three hours to the project) and I didn't notice the mistake until I'd already woven in my ends -- so the ridge is now a feature not a flaw.

I knit the swatch for my Sneaky Sheep project on Friday night and that went reasonably well although I cheated on the number of rows. I knit enough to get gauge on the number of stitches in each row and then knit another inch and a half to count rows rather than the four inch block I was supposed to knit. On Saturday I tried to cast on with a long tail cast on and ended up with a good two yards of yarn left on the tail. So I pulled it out and started over, but still had well more than yard of yarn at the end. I tried again, this time running out of yarn with about twenty stitches left to go. I pulled it out, grabbed a different skein (I bought four for this project) and tried again. This time I had about a foot and a half too much but decided that was close enough and called it good. I spent Sunday knitting the first part of the pattern and started the second. I was half was through row #7 when I realized that I'd skipped row 4. Tink, tink, tink. I'm back on track now but haven't had time to work on it since Monday night. That was only two nights ago but somehow it seems longer.

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