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Project 52 - Week 52 (part 2)

I'm feeling a little less gloomy than I was earlier, in no doubt due to the support of my flist. I've been remiss in thanking people for their holiday cards and greetings, both online and in the physical world. And positively delinquent where maddiec24 is concerned, as she send me not only a card, but many yummy gifts as well as a wonderful book of knitting patterns.

jebra were exhausted when we left work last Friday. I was so tired I skipped both dinner and exercising and went straight to bed. I slept in Saturday morning too, which meant our walk at the Detroit Zoo was cut short and it also meant we didn't manage to go to Costco before they closed for the holiday. Fortunately the cats were not suddenly ravenous and they had enough food to last them for the weekend. jebra took the selfie featured here and posted it on facebook as well. The zoo was decorated for Christmas and nearly deserted. I think we encountered maybe two dozen other visitors during our time there. I have never seen the zoo so empty even on the coldest Winter days. It was nice even if we couldn't find a polar bear anywhere on the premises. They're usually out frolicking when the weather turns cold, but we couldn't spot them anywhere in the The Arctic Ring of Life exhibit. The otters, by the way, more than made up for the lack of polar bears. They were having blast playing in the river, chasing one another and turning somersaults in the water.

On Christmas Day we once again slept in, leaving the house in the afternoon to play a little Ingress and then visit Wing's Garden for our traditional Chinese dinner. They were doing a booming carryout business so getting our order in took some time, but the wait was worth it.

Monday would have been another work day except that we had a funeral home visitation to attend. So I got to sleep in again before getting dressed up and heading into Detroit. The visitation was for the FCB's conductor's father and I was glad to see he had his family there supporting him. I'd never met his dad but from the stories I'd have liked him a great deal and wish I had known him. After the visitation we played Ingress and then went to Costco to get the cats a big bag of food.

Yesterday we returned to work, but not before an 8 AM dentist appointment for me. I had a filling go bad and a cavity forming underneath, but fortunately it was caught early enough it was still small and easy to repair. The procedure took well under an hour and was completely painless making me more certain I did the right thing in changing dental practices.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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