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Project 52

The year's wrapping up and I will not miss 2016 one tiny bit. Not that the previous week was personally terrible. Tiring, but not terrible. Laundry and dishes were washed, Work was worked, and concerts were attended. On Saturday jebra performed in his seventh and final TubaChristmas of the season. I went with him and spent the rehearsal alternately falling asleep and reading The Girl on the Train. Afterwards we had lunch, went grocery shopping, and then headed to the first of two parties. The photo used in today's page was taken by the hostess of the first one. I didn't make it to second as I was worn out and feeling not quite right (probably due to being diabetic and eating cake and cookies and a piece of chocolate covered butterscotch and way too many crackers covered with chocolate and other candy. They (the cracker things) didn't sound at all good but I tried one anyway and then I couldn't say no to having more. Lots more. jebra took me home and then went to the second party with my greetings and regrets.

Sunday was the FCB's concert "Joy Ride". As usual, jebra had to be there at noon to start setting up but fortunately, unlike the day before, we left the house early enough to stop for coffee on the way. This meant I was awake enough to read before the concert started. I finished reading The Girl on the Train and realized that the story was so engrossing that I'd forgotten to eat or drink my water. I recommend the book but have no opinion about any corresponding movie (I've heard rumors one is being made). I have no idea how the book could be transformed into an equally compelling movie seeing as much of story concerns the thoughts and feelings of three of the main characters. During the concert I worked on knitting a lace scarf and enjoyed the music.

After the concert jebra and I went to dinner, then returned home so that I could bike my 45 minutes and start getting ready for the upcoming work week.

Work on Monday was unremarkable, as was grocery shopping that night. Other than the parking lot was very full and empty shopping carts were scarce. After returning to the house I had dinner, washed up the dishes, used my exercise bike, then took a shower and started getting ready for bed.

Yesterday was equally unremarkable -- work followed by dinner, crochet (I finished another cat bed), biking, a shower, and then creating this page.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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