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Project 52

There really is something wrong with me in that I'd intended to take some photos of my family (and come to think of it, jebra's this past week. After the Howell Tuba Christmas Saturday evening, we went to dinner with his uncle, both cousin's, and one niece. It was only when we were half way to the car and our group separated that I thought "I should have taken a photo!" I told myself I'd do better when we were out with my mom but once again I failed.

Friday jebra performed with the Orchard Lake Philharmonic while I sat in the audience and tried to knit. I was sleepy and not much knitting occurred. The music was good though and it was great having a chance to see my knitting buddy Nick who also plays with the OLP.

Saturday we were up early in order to attend the Oakland University TubaChristmas. The conductor for that one teaches tuba and euphonium at OU and is particularly skilled at getting the sound he wants from his musicians, which leads to a really wonderful performance. Musically this is always the best TubaChristmas performance of my season. After the concert we hopped into the car and sped away to Howell for yet another TubaChristmas rehearsal. The group gathered in a church basement while I hung out in the vestibule and tried to stay awake. The concert itself took place outside, across the street in front of the library. It getting dark when they started playing, and snowing too, and my strongest memories were of trying not to freeze and happiness when I spotted jebra's uncle & cousins standing near me. After that concert we all hightailed it to Cleary's Pub to get warm, talk, and have dinner. Following dinner it was back to the car for the drive to Ionia. We spent the night at my mom's and, after breakfast, the three of drove to Grand Rapids for another TubaChristmas. While jebra rehearsed with the group my mom and I browsed the rummage sale going on at the church and then hung out with the homeless people up on the mezzanine. By hung out I mean they we shared the space with the five or six men who were already there, most of whom were either snoozing on the couches or sitting and doing whatever on their cellphones. The only guy we interacted with the one who was obviously looking for a place to plug in and recharge his phone; we knew were the outlets were and pointed one out to him.

After the concert we started driving back towards my mom's, stopping either in or near Ada for dinner at one of my favorite places, Zeytin Turkish Restaurant. The time before I'd had their Meditteranean Chicken and loved it. This time I had to decide between trying something new or getting that wonderful dish again. It was a difficult decision but in the end I tried the Spinach Chicken, which I'd describe as Chicken kabobs that have been de-skewered, and arranged around a mound of sauteed spinach and artichoke. It was very good although to be perfect I'd have wanted half as much chicken and twice as much spinach and artichoke. Following dinner we returned with mom to her house and consulted with the net for traffic and weather info as it had been snowing since the day before and the roads and visibility were not great. jebra concluded that the drive home wouldn't be much different than the drive to or from Grand Rapids, so we packed up our stuff and headed home. The drive was slower than usual but fortunately almost all of the other drivers were of the same opinion we were, it was best to drive at a sedate pace and get to our destinations safely. It was around midnight when we got home and going on 3 am when I'd finished everything I needed to do before bed.

In the morning jebra checked for school closings and discovered that Farmington had cancelled class because of the storm. This meant FCB rehearsal would not take place and that he could take part in a bonus TubaChristmas concert, this one out in South Lyon. I was exhausted from the weekend and working all day, so I stayed home and didn't even do any laundry. I was so worn out that I didn't even care that I'd missed not only the concert but meeting an owl, a lynx, and reindeer.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
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