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Ocular migraine

I hadn't had an ocular migraine for a very long time, possibly years. I had one last night though, after we got home from seeing Gore Vidal's The Best Man at the Baldwin. The play is about the process of selecting the best presidential candidate and going by the audience and lack thereof, it seems everyone is sick of presidential politics. The play was good and it provided food for thought, but half of the already small audience left at the intermission. Before going, I was worried I'd have a bad reaction to the story but I was doing fine at intermission and my only comment upon leaving was "Where's Merwin when we need him?" I was taking my nightly shower and thinking about the play when the migraine hit but I looked up ocular migraines this morning and the medical sites I referenced do not mention stress as a trigger. So perhaps it was just a coincidence. At any rate, it lasted about 20 minutes and, as usual for me, there was no associated pain.

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