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Drinking from the Fire Hose
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Date: 2016-09-28 10:48
Subject: Project 52
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This was another long, tiring week. A week ago on Tuesday we attended the visitation for a friend's father. She was taking it hard as although he wasn't in the best of health and having heart trouble, no one thought his death was imminent. I did not know the man but judging by the photographs on display, as well as the many photo albums, he was a loving family man. (This should have been covered on last week's Project 52 page, but somehow I ended up a day early. Still not sure how that happened as I'm usually running late.)

On Wednesday, after work, we followed most of the same path we'd taken the night before, but stopping in Sterling Heights to play Ingress around the City Hall and library complex. The night was warm and we had a very nice walk. Sterling Heights has a very pretty library and the area surrounding it was nicely landscaped too. I thoroughly enjoyed our walk and still managed to ride my stationary bike for 30 minutes after we returned home. Riding the bike is part of my therapy for the dropped foot; Dr. Riutta tells me that the stronger I can make my thigh muscles the more stable my legs will become. I hope he's right and I really hope the nerves grow back as as though the ankle brace works well, needing to wear it annoys me.

Thursday night we had left-over-from-lunch pizza for dinner, then drove back to Royal Oak in plenty of time to attend Stagecrafter's performance of Disney's The Little Mermaid. Sebastian (the crab) was played by the same guy who played Donkey in Stagecrafter's performance of Shrek. He did an outstanding job both times and was my favorite character both times. Everyone in this show did a good job but overall it was just sorta "Ehh." I think the story itself must have been the reason as the costumes were amazing. I particularly loved the evil aunt (some sort of octopus) and her minions, the lantern fish (which were called eels in the play but were obviously lantern fish by their costuming). The crab was cute and watching him scuttle away from the king was hilarious. I loved Arial's reaction to having been served seafood at dinner (although seeing as fish eat other fish, I don't know why she'd react so strongly). She had my sympathy as I don't eat fish except *very* rarely (when I claim it isn't me, but an impostor as *I* don't eat fish). I also thought she should have negotiated fishing limits with the prince to help protect her father's kingdom from the overfishing and pollution from the humans.

Friday night we had to leave work early to pick up keys to the truck, drive out Farmington Hills. Friday was also Harrison's Homecoming, so we had to get there early in order to have a spot to park the truck but it couldn't be loaded then as the band kids use some of the same instruments. Gabe parked the truck where he wanted it, then walked back to where I'd parked our car, and then drove me home before returning to Harrison for the football game and later truck-loading. It was good we got there we when we did as he said the entrance to the band area was blocked by cars when got back.

My plans for Saturday were to drive out to Dearborn and play Ingress until it was time for ladyinfidel's combination housewarming and birthday party. This failed utterly as during the loading of the truck jebra cracked the screen of his tablet. I use mine as a kindle and to play Ingress and countless games of Solitare and Sudoku, but he uses his all the time for everything from an alarm clock to working on the databases both at home and at work. So Saturday morning was spent obtaining a new tablet (thank goodness we live so near MicroCenter) and migrating programs and data from the old tablet to the new. This was not an easy migration so it was still underway when we finally left for ladyinfidel's party. I love her new home (*wonderful* kitchen, two bathrooms, one cute and vintage, the other luxurious, three nice-sized bedrooms, and two living rooms, one original to the house, the other being part of the home's addition. It's ranch style and I didn't tour the basement. Not that I think there's much down there other than the laundry facility and the spot where the shy cat likes to hide. The party started with most of the guests hanging out in the backyard but everyone moved inside for the lighting of the candle (one yellow duck-shaped candle on one of the four cakes) and then everyone stayed inside as it had gotten quite chilly outdoors.

The concert at the Cider Mill was scheduled for Sunday with the FCB Dixieland Band taking stage at 2:30. Since getting the truck there and the gear set up takes time, jebra wanted to be out the house no later than 11:30. Even so, we were not the first to arrive. Everything was ready on time and if there were any problems with the Dixieland Band or the full FCB concert band I didn't notice. I also didn't notice the sun beating down on me and, as I'd sat in the sun the entire day, came home badly sunburned. How I managed to go through the entire summer minus sunburn and then get badly burnt in the first week of fall is beyond me. The burn made sleeping difficult Sunday night but that was nothing compared to the misery of Monday night. The burn is worst on my left ear and the left side of my neck -- and the straps from CPAP mask rub against both and kept me from sleeping Monday night. Maybe I was so exhausted on Sunday that fell asleep and stayed that way? I have no idea.

Monday was back to work followed by band practice for jebra and laundry and crochet and my 30 minutes on the exercise bike. Tuesday was supposed to be more of the same for me, but something jebra was working on wasn't going well and we didn't leave work until after 7:00 pm. And even then we didn't get to go straight home as we needed to stop at MicroCenter for a replacement drive for one of his work computers and we needed to put fuel into the car. I was hungry and very tired when we came home and had what even for me was a strange dinner -- five and half sweet pickles, a serving of dried beets (sort of like potato chips, but freeze dried, not fried), and a nut bar. Then it was time to do my chores, bike my 30 minutes, and get into the shower. I barely make the full 30 minutes, both because I was so tired and because I'd increased the resistance from "2" to "3" (6 is the highest setting).

And that was the week that was.

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