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Walking update

Tonight was walk no. 6. For the third day in a row, I managed to cover a little more than a mile and a half. I probably could have walked two miles if I pushed, but I want to make sure this change in behavior is well-rooted less I revert to being a couch potato.

My long-term goal is five miles a day, every day. I settled on that number because while indulging one of my many vices — perusing advice columns — I stumbled across information on the 10,000 Steps Program. 10,000 steps, if you haven't made the connection, is the approximate equivalent of walking five miles.

Had today been the first day of Spring rather than Fall, I think it's likely that I'd be able to handle a five mile walk before Summer reached its end. As I not only hate cold weather but loathe walking through slush and snow, I'll be well-pleased if I manage to stick with the program, let alone reach five miles before warmer weather returns.
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