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Project 52

We spent the weekend up north with jebra's parents. The weather was excessively warm down here during the work week and I was hoping it would be cooler up there. It was, by maybe 15 or 20 degrees (F), but that was still too warm for me. I was too hot to sleep so I came home even more sleep deprived than I left. But we managed to attend jebra's best friend from High School's father's funeral. Which was interesting as I both heard stories about him that were new to me plus I got to see what happens with funeral urns when they are buried on top of a coffin/vault. (The cemetery digs a hole that is larger than the urn by about five inches on each side, and down about two and a half feet, sticks the urn into the hole, and then sticks a concrete paving stone on top of the urn. I couldn't figure out why they'd need to weigh it down but it turns out that isn't the reason for the paver, it is to prevent the staff from damaging the urn if they ever need to dig another hole on that particular plot. In this specific cemetery, the rules allow for up to four urns to be interred on top of a previously buried coffin or coffin vault. (Here in my area, the concrete vaults are a requirement. I'm not sure as to whether or not that is true in Houghton Lake. The very bottom of the hole could have been concrete or could have been clay. I couldn't tell and I didn't want to distress the grieving family by asking impertinent questions.

After the burial most of the crowd went to a nearby marina for a family reunion and we went along too. I mostly listened and ate and tried not to think about how bloody hot it was in the great outdoors.

We returned to jebra's parents in time for dinner, and then hung out with them for the remainder of the evening and until well after noon on Sunday.

On the way home we once again stopped at Cops & Doughnuts, and this time I had a cherry-filled Amish pie. Which was excellent. I also tried one of their date & raisin filled cookies but not the next day. It was yummy and wonderfully sweet. Too sweet for jebra though and I know it he won't be ordering that again. The bacon covered donuts look awful to me but he's ordered them twice now and I suspect he'll get them again.

I took Tuesday as a vacation day so that I could attend a yarn dying workshop at Artisan Knitworks. Ellen of Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm traveled from her home in Vermont to teach two classes at Artisan and to attend the fiber festival that will take place this weekend in Allegan. I signed up for both of the yarn dying classes and was so happy about the entire thing that I was positively giddy all afternoon. I was still thrilled with the experience and the yarns I dyed in class when it was over, but by then I was also exhausted. I'm used to working a desk job so spending the entire day on my feet, moving between the dying table, the sink, and the selection of dyes.

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