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Project 52

This was another stressful and busy week. Wednesday night the FCB performed at Nardin Park United Methodist Church and if that was any indication, the audience will be in for a real treat this coming Sunday. After the concert we had to return equipment to the high school and the truck to the business that owns it. jebra and I didn't get home until after midnight and I still had my normal nightly stuff to go through. I went to bed around 2 am which, distressingly, seems to have become my new normal.

Thursday night after work jebra and I went out to dinner and then to the Baldwin to see Dreamgirls. At the intermission jebra asked if I wanted to stay for the second half of the show. I didn't particularly care for the first half as I didn't much like the music and I was having trouble hearing the dialogue over the music but I was starting to figure out what was going on and was curious about how it would end. So we stayed and later agreed that everyone who left early missed the best part of the show. I much preferred the music in the second half and the sound was mixed better so this time I could hear what people were saying or singing.

Once again it was after midnight before we got home and it was after 2:00 when I crawled into bed. We got up at the usual time on Friday and went in to work. I was tired but I managed to get through the work day and almost succeeded in clearing my desk. Not that you would know it if you saw it right now as once again it is covered with invoices, receipts, and miscellaneous paperwork.

After work, jebra and I had to go to the high school so that he could set the stage for Saturday's clinic. Getting ready for the FCB's Golden Anniversary Concert has been wearing me out and I'm not even a member of the band. It was either set the stage Friday night or get to the high school around 7:00 am and do it then. When everything was in place at the high school, we drove to Brighton to attend Michael's birthday party. About an hour after we arrived Michael disappeared for a few minutes and reappeared wearing a suit, which caused questions. He revealed that he was marrying Kim, who likewise reappeared in her wedding dress. jebra did the officiating and, as usual, did a lovely job. And I had never before attended a wedding during which there was so much laughter. For one thing, Michael had trouble reading his vows because his reading glasses had gone AWOL. And he was so thrilled to be marrying Kim that he kissed her every time there was a pause in vows. It was adorable. Minutes after ceremony Kim had the idea to change her facebook relationship status and announce the news. I don't remember who, but someone said they not only had already posted photos of the wedding but had received 16 likes.

I thought about going to Artisan Knitworks to hang with my friends but jebra encouraged me to stay home and catch up on sleep. I must have needed it as the phone woke me with its ringing around 4 pm. I'm a little fuzzy on the rest of the day although I know jebra took me out to dinner when he got home and I'm pretty sure we played some Ingress while we were out. I do recall returning home feeling frustrated that because I'd slept in I hadn't done any of the things I thought I should spend Saturday doing. I started laundry when we got back to the house and went to work on using up more of my yarn and getting stuff off the DVR and as a result was up until 3 am.

Sunday is even more a blur, although I know we stripped the bed and washed the sheets, we went through a box of stuff in the living room and repacked it with stuff to donate to charity, and that at some point we went out and went grocery shopping. And I know I finished crocheting a cat bed and started the next one that day too.

Monday was work followed by band practice (for jebra) and laundry and crochet for me. Once again it was after 2:00 before I was done for the day.

Tuesday was work followed by more grocery shopping, more laundry, and more crochet. It was going on 3:00 before I hit the sheets and I'm feeling it today.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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