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This wasn't the most exciting week on record. jebra spent the weekend in Chicago as this was when the University of Chicago held its annual reunion. He left Thursday morning; for me, Thursday and Friday were normal work days. After work on Friday I went to Riverside Park in Auburn Hills and walked around for a while, played Ingress, and listened to the band that was playing a free concert.

Saturday I got up on time (shocking for me on a Saturday), had some breakfast and some caffeine and then went to Tina's house for knit club. It's been ages since I was last able to attend one so I had a lovely time hanging out with my fellow knitters.

On Sunday I slept in a little, then went to work on crocheting more cat beds. I went out for a little while in the afternoon, first to make sure I got in my daily hack and secondly to obtain a butterscotch malt. It was excellent and worth every penny of the $5.95 I spent. It was so good I gave serious consideration to returning to the shop to buy another. When I got home I returned to my crochet while I waited for jebra to come home. By 10:00 I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and went to bed. I don't know when it was that he rolled in but he was in bed with me when I woke up the next morning.

Monday was back to work for the both of us, followed by crochet for me and band practice for jebra. Tuesday after work we did a little grocery shopping then drove to UMG (United Memorial Garden) where we met up with mbumby and ran the 18 part Ingress Mission called Life Beneath Nature. This particular mission requires pass phrases and all of them had to do with Aesop's Fables. I know I was introduced to the fables when I was a child but not a single one sounded familiar based on the title of the fable or the mission clues. We successfully completed all 18 Missions and I realized while we were playing that I was on my 365th consecutive day of play; a full year of playing Ingress daily.

Tuesday morning we went in late as the plumber was supposed to be coming out to install a new utility sink as the old one leaked like crazy but I missed the message on the answering machine saying that they couldn't keep the appointment. When they were a half hour late I called to inquire and discovered the problem. I rescheduled for Wednesday morning and that went much, much better. We now have a non-leaking sink and the plumber reconfigured the pipes so that the drainpipe isn't stick out away from the wall and in the way when I want to mop the around around the sink. Which I did last night and good grief was the floor dirty. And true to form I continue to be the destroyer of mops; the mop head of the mop I chose disintegrated the moment I stuck it in the bucket of hot soapy water. I could not get the remains of the replaceable mop head off; I'll try again later when the sponge part isn't sopping wet. I was able to wash the floor by switching to my other mop; I started keeping two on hand after August 2014 flood.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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