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Project 52

jebra was off working a security gig over the weekend, so the cats and I were on our own. Being cats, they spent most of their time napping. I spent my awake hours watching tv and cranking out more cat beds for the various shelters and rescues. I had four finished by mid-afternoon on Saturday, so I took them to the Catfe' Lounge. The kitten in the photo is one of the cats up for adoption. His name is Ringo and he kindly agreed to act as my model. He was the second cat I tried. The first one was an adult who refused to face my lens.

Being me, I got lost trying to come home from the Catfe'. I had my phone but I could not get a GPS lock and was absolutely baffled about which was I was heading. I had a bad feeling I was driving into Detroit rather than toward home, but I found an absolutely gorgeous neighborhood of old homes and well-landscaped yards and I'd like to return there to explore. Especially if I ever succeed in obtaining a recumbent bike. I eventually stumbled upon M1 (Woodward Avenue) and recognized enough businesses to know I was indeed heading into Detroit. I know how to get home from Woodward Avenue, so I was able to find my way home but the experience put me off trying to find our friend Becki's house by myself. She moved recently and I've never been to her new place. Not that I could find her old house either. I had been there several times but I don't have a clue how we got there.

On Sunday I spent some time cleaning up the backyard and pulling paving bricks out of the pathway.
There are now two nice stacks of them, one on the driveway and the other back behind the garage. I believe we are going to reuse them to lay a path from the end of the new walkway to my compost bins. It won't be as nice as the replacement walkway Stonescape Design will construct next to the garage, but it also won't be nearly as costly. In fact, it should be free as we'll provide the labor and we already gave the bricks.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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