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Project 52 - Drinking from the Fire Hose — LiveJournal
and trying not to drown

Date: 2016-05-04 11:16
Subject: Project 52
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Tags:fcb, music, project 52, rl, zoo

The biggest events of the week were, in order, a trip to the Detroit Zoo, a stop at the Catfe' Lounge and, on Sunday, the homecoming concert for alumni and friends of the Farmington Community Band. I didn't take any photos at the concert, but if you want to see some, check out this page on facebook.

We made the trip to the zoo with our friend and FCB alum Cheril Lin and wandered the zoo's campus before and after touring the new Penguinarium. Visiting the Penguinarium is quite an experience and it reminded me of visiting the Titanic exhibit when it was at the Henry Ford Museum as one segment of the tour gives the feeling of being onboard a ship.

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User: wpadmirer
Date: 2016-05-04 23:19 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Penguins are cool. I'd love to see that exhibit!
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