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Project 52

This was another busy week, both at work and at home. Thursday night we played Ingress in downtown Royal Oak before seeing Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike at the Baldwin. It's a comedy with many references to Chekhov, many of which went right over my head. I enjoyed the performance very much and particularly identified with two of the characters, the housekeeper Cassandra and the adopted daughter Sonia.

Friday I went to bed immediately upon returning home from work. I knew I'd need to rest up for the Ingress Mission Day in Detroit. In the morning I had oatmeal for breakfast and took double the usual amount of pain medicine. We arrived in Detroit around 10:00, in plenty of time for the group photo at 11:00. By noon I was both hungry and starting to hurt pretty badly. We found sandwiches at a little shop on Wayne State University's campus and I had that plus more medicine. When we finished the missions at Wayne State we drove over to Belle Isle and did both of the missions on the Island. It was very pretty as the weather was almost perfect and the park itself is in much better repair now that the state has taken over (it used to be maintained by the City of Detroit).

Our next stop was downtown Detroit where we skirted Greektown and worked the final missions. It was after six when we finished our 12th mission and I was exhausted and hurting very badly. We still had to check in at McShane's in Corktown to earn our Mission Day badges, so we drove over there and [profile] jebra kindly dropped me off near the door. When we checked the pedometer on my phone we discovered I'd walked 8.5 miles, so it was no wonder my knees and back were complaining loudly. I had no idea I could even walk that far. Without increasing the amount of pain medicine I have trouble walking two miles. (As it was, I took either three or four times my average number of pain pills on Saturday.)

We skipped Game Day at Jean & Marshall's house, having had dinner at McShane's with a lovely family from one of the Carolinas. They are on the green team but they invited us to share their table and we had an enjoyable dinner talking Ingress and travel and alcoholic beverages with them. I hope I see them again at some future event.

Sunday was a combination of rest, working on cat beds, getting stuff off the DVR, and grocery shopping, not that I myself made it to the store. jebra found six missions we hadn't previously run in Royal Oak and we were going to do them first. We ran out of time (the store closes at 9:00 pm) but I impressed myself by walking another 3.44 miles.

Monday was back to work followed by band practice for jebra and crochet and laundry for me. Last night he went to Ann Arbor for a concert at the Ark while I stayed home with the cats and messed about with yarn. Which reminds me, one of my contacts at a local cat rescue sent me a photo of one of their kitties and I liked it so much I decided I should scrap it:

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Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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