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Project 52

This was another busy week but you wouldn't know it from photographic evidence. There were three big events, the first being an Ingress gathering at McShane's Irish Pub. We drove down to Detroit after work on Thursday, which is to say jebra drove while I hacked whatever came in range. I destroyed a surprising number of enemy resonators on the way, which is part of the reason I earned a silver Purifier badge while we were at the bar. Fighting for ownership of the NL1331 and McShane's portals was fierce. I believe I spent a full hour trying to get first deploy on NL1331 (NL1331 is a special portal in that it is mobile and travels from city to city. It stopped in Detroit on its way down to Orlando for Obsidian (an even bigger multi-faction event). Besides having proof of my momentary wins, seeing five of our friends at the event was the best part. I also met a whole bunch of other Ingress players, but being me of the terrible memory, I have no idea who they were nor could I describe them now) and I ate the best turkey rueben I have ever encountered. It would be worth going back to McShane's just for the food. And I'd actually like to do that sometime over the summer, when it is warm and there is enough daylight to feel comfortable walking around the area. There are a ton of portals downtown and most of them would be new for me (players get points and earn badges for number of unique portals hacked and unique portals captured).

Friday passed in a haze and I have no idea what we did after work. Or during work for that matter.

Saturday we got up early (by my standards for a weekend morning) and drove to Dearborn to visit Industrial Bicycles so that I could test ride recumbent bikes. I found two I really liked and I still haven't decided which I like more. I've been thinking about it since then and have concluded I need to do more testing. One of my goals is to be able to ride around our neighborhood and keep the portals surrounding our house blue, so one of the considerations has to do with how I will transport and use my tablet when I'm out riding. There are, apparently, tons of cellphone mounts for bikes, but I strongly prefer playing on my tablet due to the larger screen. jebra suggested adding a lanyard and wearing it around my neck when I'm not playing. That could work but I think I would use the strap from a messenger bag. I saved the nice soft strap when the bottom ripped out of my HRC messenger bag. Anyway, I want to test out wearing my tablet while biking and if it works as well as I think it will, I will probably go for the traditional recumbent rather than the one that looks more like an adult tricycle.

After bike shopping we ran an Ingress mission and then went over to Jean & Marshall's to celebrate a late St. Patrick's Day. I planned to knit while we socialized but both of the projects I brought with me were giving me grief and I gave up for the day. Jean wanted me to graft (kitchener) the long ends of the cowl she's working on together for her but considering how my own projects were treating me I felt that would be a bad idea and put it off until Sunday. When we would return to celebrate Easter. Which is exactly what happened.

Sunday was as laid back as Saturday, more so, really, since there was no shopping to do beforehand. The kids (Jean & Marshall's son and his girlfriend) spent the afternoon napping on the couch, Jean cooked and read her book, I read then kitchenered, and jebra played with the cats and messed about on his tablet. Marshall had to work for the part of the afternoon, but helped out in the kitchen when he got home and then talked to us about what he's been doing and we did the same.

Monday was work plus laundry. Yesterday was worked followed by playing Ingress at the Madison Heights Civic Center and then home for dinner, knitting, and catching up on my shows.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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