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Project 52

The scrapbook page shows the big events of the week, but lacks most of the associated drama. For instance, Harrison High School lost power on Thursday due to some problem "with the main." I don't know what that means but I do know the problem was big enough that school had to be cancelled and a huge trench dug. No one knew for sure when power would be restored, which was significant to us because the FCB Concert Band's big Spring concert was scheduled for Sunday. Friday's stage rehearsal had to be cancelled due to the lack of power; fortunately the repairs were completed over the weekend. The band had stage rehearsal a few hours before the concert and the concert itself took place on time and seemed well received by the audience. Which was larger than I feared; I was pretty sure some folks would get the time wrong due to the switch to Daylight Savings Time.

A week ago Tuesday was I brought home two balls of cotton yarn for this year's Black Sheep Knitting Guild's charity project. You can see the chart for the pattern on today's scrapbook page but I have now finished my first one. I haven't washed or blocked it yet which is why I don't have a photo of the completed project.

Last Wednesday, before work, Tim from Custom Security came out and hooked the garage up to our security system. The garage rebuild is finally complete!!! After work we played Ingress, picked up a few groceries, and were thwarted in our plans to get carry-out by Mr. Kabob closing 15 minutes early. We went to Berkley Coney Island instead, which was good I'm still a chicken shwarma sandwich short.

Thursday was my birthday so instead of working at work I spent the day hopping between LJ/DW and facebook and opening my cards and my gift from maddiec24. Thursday was also SEMiSLUG (Southeastern Michigan Sun Local Users Group meeting). Being my birthday jebra asked that I go with him to the meeting so that he could spend it with me. (I don't often go to the meetings because the technical talk goes right over my head and I'm too cheap to regularly spend money on food and drinks at the bar.) It was great getting to see two of my friends who I do not see often enough but the menu that night was lacking. The bar stopped carrying cookies from the co-op bakery so I didn't get the molasses cookie I'd been looking forward to all day and the stew I'd been hoping for wasn't on offering that night. I had the puttanesca instead which, frankly, wasn't as good as jebra's. Still, I had a hard cider which was delicious and I got to see my friends. Plus I got to deploy on the three portals surrounding the bar and make a field (in Ingress), so all around it was a win.

Friday was work followed by not band practice. I'm pretty sure we played a little Ingress but the only thing I remember for certain was being exhausted all day. I believe I finished up a cat bed and started another before crashing for the night.

Saturday I slept in while jebra went to one of the local BBQ joints for a DI meeting. I didn't wake up until well after noon, made myself some breakfast, and then got a few things off the DVR while working on the previous night's pet bed. When I was ready to face the world I got in the shower, got dressed, and went out for more groceries. We (jebra was home by this time) also went into the new pet store near Trader Joes to look at scratching posts (ours survived three cats prior to fierce little Fiona, who has somehow managed to tear through the rope and unwind part of it from the post). We didn't see any we liked, but it did result in meeting one of the founders of Animal House (a program that finds foster families for homeless cats and dogs) as she was there checking on the cats that were there and up for adoption. This was a complete coincidence and I probably wouldn't have started talking to her if I hadn't had questions about the kitty litter she was using to fill the pans. (She's using the stuff made from ground walnut shells and I wanted to know what she thought about it. We've been using clumping litter for the past twenty years and the amount of dust that produces is simply unreal. Every flat surface in our basement is covered with white dust.) Anyway, we had a nice conversation and now I plan to donate some of the current batch of pet beds to Animal House and add her organization to the rotation.

Sunday was the FCB concert. Because jebra had to get everything ready for the pre-concert rehearsal he wanted us there by 10 am. (The actual concert time was 3:00 pm). We didn't get there until 10:30 but fortunately Mike was there on time so the band director wasn't sitting around waiting for us to show up on his day off. That was one of the many things jebra was fretting about on our ride over.

The concert itself went well and afterwards [profile] mbumby joined us for dinner at Camelia's Mexican Grill. On the way home from dinner we played a little Ingress, stopping at the Walgreen's drug store near our house to hit the portal across the street. We took turned it blue, which took maybe three minutes, then attempted to go home. Which was when jebra stepped on the brake in preparation of shifting to reverse, and discovered the petal now went all the way down to the floor. He had me get out the owner's manual but we couldn't find anything that covered the situation (no idiot lights, we hadn't hit anything, and there were no suspicious fluids underneath the car). We called around until we located a friend who was able and willing to shuttle us between home and the mechanic's shop and work (where our other car was parked), and then AAA for a tow.

Monday was Pi Day, which we celebrated by picking up a cherry pie from The Traverse City Pie Company on the way in to work. For jebra and myself, breakfast was pie and coffee breakfast, but we shared it with our coworkers (for whom it was merely a tasty mid-morning snack). After work we played a few minutes of Ingress, and then it was crochet for me and band practice for jebra.

Tuesday we got a notice that our car was ready for pick-up, but we ended up working late and they were closed before we come and get it. We picked it up this morning on our way to work and the brake problem turned out to be a bad hose. So the total bill wasn't as bad as it could have been although it wasn't exactly inexpensive either, thanks to needing to replace the door handles for the driver and front passenger.

I think that's everything, but as usual, if you have questions please ask.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
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