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Project 52

This disjointed page is reflective of a disjointed week. As usual, week days were spent at work followed by time on the couch working on more pet beds. At work, I noticed my poinsettia is blooming. One of my coworkers gave it to me two Christmases ago and it seems I should have looked up how to care for the poor thing before last night. I knew poinsettias don't naturally bloom at Christmas but I didn't know I was supposed to cut it back in April. This is why mine is so scraggly. It's also a wonder the thing bloomed at all; it doesn't get as much darkness as it wants, nor have I fertilized it every two weeks as the website recommended. In fact, I think I may have fertilized it a total of twice in the two years it has been sitting on my window ledge.

On Saturday we went out in the afternoon for a little Ingress and some shopping, then it was back to the house to get packed up for that evening's concert in Novi. jebra was playing with the Orchard Lake Philharmonic this time, not the FCB. For me, the best part of the concert was when they performed the 1812 Overture. I must have been sitting directly in front of the speakers, as the (recorded) canon blasts reverberated against me and I *love* that feeling.

After the concert a good dozen of the performers went out for a late dinner at b.d.'s Mongolian. I got to meet several of the musicians I didn't know beforehand and have some yummy food.

We didn't get home until after midnight and still had computer stuff to do, so we were up quite late. Fortunately we were able to sleep in on Sunday without risk of being late for the repeat performance at Fox Run. That performance went well although this time I was stuck in the back row, keeping an eye on the recording gear, so I didn't get to enjoy the canons they way I had the night before. There also wasn't an organized dinner outing, so the two of us stopped at National Coney Island on the way home. When we got back to the house I insisted taking out the compost as I'd been meaning to get to that for at least a week. When I went out behind our house I heard this odd hissing sound and wondered what the heck was going on. Do the new neighbors have air tools? I listened harder and peered through the darkness toward their deck and garage. And then noticed a fine mist rising from the ground by our air conditioner, furnace return, and outdoor water faucet. I went back in the house to turn on the garage lights and returned for another look and listen. I was able to determine the mist was coming up from the garden hose (which is a regular hose, not a soaker). I also realized that with as unsteady as I am these days there was no way I'd be able to reach the faucet without a likelihood of falling. I went back to the house, told jebra what was going on and had him come out. He was able to get to the faucet without much trouble and found it was on full blast. Which it must have been all winter. The mist turned the hose reel into a rather impressive ice sculpture; what is on the scrapbook page is what survived to Monday morning (it was in the low 40s/high 30s when I discovered the problem and the temperature did not drop below freezing over night). As you can bet, I am not looking forward to the next water bill.

I forgot to mention to mention that what made me happiest this week was that we got a small box of household items out of the house and donated to St. Vincent De Paul. I'd say unfortunately we also did some browsing in the store, and came home with more items than we left with, but I think what we bought we will actually use. One of the items is a computer bag that jebra is already using to haul his supplies for DI parties around in, another is a replacement for his broken Iced Tea mug. As for me, I found a large bag containing yarn remnants for $7.50. Seeing as the yarn weighs at least 16 ounces, I'd say I got a deal. All of it will, of course, be turned into animal beds for the shelter/rescue.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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