Mrs_Sweetpeach (mrs_sweetpeach) wrote,

One of the reasons I never get anything done...

... is that I'm curious about just about everything. And I'm not afraid of research (not to mention Google makes it so damn easy). Today's excursion into new ideas came out of watching another recording of Mtv Hit's clubland. I told the DVR to record all of them after I realized I hadn't spotted any in the online guide in two weeks. (This doesn't mean they weren't there, it means I couldn't find them.) Since then I think it caught 6 recordings. Anyway, I've now seen Aviccii's Broken Arrows three or four times and I started wondering if this was real story.

I now know more about the high jump than I did before (and seeing as prior to the video I had zero interest and nothing more than a vague mental image of people flying over a horizontally mounted pole). Now I also know the story as told in the video is fictionalized and not an exact representation. The video tells a great story but the reality is also interesting, particularly Fosbury's experiences in Mexico before and after the Olympics. (See this article in The Guardian.)

Now off to investigate reviews of HipHopAbs...

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