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Date: 2016-01-27 11:17
Subject: Project 52
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Week 4 went by fast. Thursday was a normal Thursday work-day, meaning we came in late due to needing to stop at the allergist's for my weekly injections. I remember the waiting room wasn't overly crowded, but everyone (including myself) was moving at turtle speed and it took a while to get out. I have no clue what we did after work. Ingress and groceries, probably.

Friday morning we packed the car and then came in to work. I wrapped up a few projects and we left almost on time. Later than jebra would have liked and when we ran into bad traffic I saw why he'd wanted to leave early. Our first destination was DeLuca's in Lansing, where we had dinner with jebra's best friend from High School, his two girls, and one of the girl's boyfriend, Chris. I expected to see Don's wife, but she didn't show up and after we ate Don revealed they're getting divorced. After we heard how she treated everyone on the trip they'd taken last Labor Day, breaking up made perfect sense. It's sad to see a marriage of twenty-plus years come to an end, but better that than another twenty years of unhappiness.

After dinner jebra continued the drive to Ionia, meeting up with my mom at the Meijers in town. We had more things to pick up for Saturday's spaghetti dinner. I thought it would be fun to invite everyone over and have jebra feed them. It wasn't as organized as I anticipated (people showed up whenever they were available and stayed as long as they wanted) but everyone seemed to have a good time and I got to see more family than I usually manage.

We returned home on Sunday and in time for me to wash my clothes so I'd have clean stuff for work on Monday. The cats seemed to have missed us a great deal as Hamish followed me around the house and Fiona actually lept on to jebra's lap and demanded petting. When we got home we also checked the answering machine and discovered three or four phone calls from American Express. I called the number on the back of my card and after getting aggravated by their voicemail system, managed to connect with a human. Who informed us that someone in the Chicago area was using jebra's to buy, or attempt to buy, all manner of things. Not all of the charges went through, for example the $500+ purchase at Macy's, but someone had a nice steak dinner (a $150 charge that did go through) and bought liquor at Jewel's too. I won't be charged for it but I am curious as to how the bad guy(s) got the card number. The card itself is still in jebra's possession, not that it still works. His new card is supposed to arrive today or tomorrow.

Monday was a work day, and it did not get off to a good start. The plan was to take The Boat, our taupe Park Avenue, to the repair shop to have the broken door latches repaired or replaced, assuming we could get into the car in the first place. We didn't get even that far -- jebra walked out to the street and immediately noticed the front tire on the driver's side was as flat as could be. It was cold and we were already running late; we decided the car could wait until later in the week to have the tire & door dealt with.

Monday night meant band practice for jebra and more laundry for me. I also worked on another cat bed for the shelter and came up with a plan for dealing with the dozens of balls of crochet thread I had laying around. I'd been working with a yarn that appears to be many strands of cotton thread spun together and decided I could make something similar out of the crochet thread. I started using the first ball of crochet thread yarn last night and it seems fine to work with. I'm combining that yarn with several different strands of acrylic and it the finished fabric looks good. It's very colorful and I really like how it looks.

Last night was work followed by crochet. I finished the bed I'd been working on Monday night and started the next one. I also watched a heap of true crime tv, and caught up on the previous three episodes of Night Watch. I love that show and the EMTs. I like the cops and firemen too, but the EMTs are just so personable. They're hard not to love.

I think that's all the latest. If there's something you want to ask, please do.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
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User: wpadmirer
Date: 2016-01-27 23:38 (UTC)
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Sounds like a nice weekend, and I think the idea for using the crochet threads is brilliant!
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