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Project 52

The early part of the week was filled with the usual amounts of paid labor, unpaid labor (dishes & laundry & kitty care), and knitting and crochet. Mostly crochet as I'm trying to get more yarn out of the house and the fastest way too get rid of the cheap acrylic stuff is to turn it into cat beds. Jumping ahead, I dropped off a dozen beds at the Michigan Humane Society yesterday and had three volunteers come up to tell me how much their cats like curling up in them. I figured as much as my own beasts check out the new beds every time I finish one but it was still very good hear.

Friday after work was a bit of Ingress followed by getting ready for Saturday's wedding. Our friends Chris and Karl tied the knot at the Michigan Institute of Contemporary Art in Lansing, Michigan with jebra officiating. It was a very nice ceremony and it was really nice to see a diverse crowd celebrating the union of these two very special people. I don't generally get teared up at weddings but afterwards, when Chris told the story of why he decided marriage was a good thing for gay couples and how we were chosen to be his guests I damn near ended up sobbing. I hadn't realized Chris wasn't originally a supporter of gay marriage ("Marriage is something straight people do.") but his view changed after Karl came into his life. And it was great to meet many of their friends and see both sides of the family there supporting their marriage.

After the reception jebra and I took the long way to Ionia to spend the night at my mom's and to hang out with her on Sunday. We had a nice, quiet visit which was pretty much exactly what I needed. We slept in a little Sunday morning, which I also desperately needed, then got up and watched old Westerns, had breakfast, and visited with my nephew Travis and, later, Travis and his newly wed and already pregnant wife. This is the one who was supposed to go into basic training in early January. That's been postponed until October. I have no idea (but I'd love to know) if she signed papers and she has to go or if she can say she changed her mind after the baby comes. My mom thinks she won't want to go in once the baby is here but I'm not so sure. I have a hunch she is very much like Travis and won't be inclined to put her child/ren's health & happiness above all other things. Then again, I may just be being a bitch. To be sure I was troubled by her ease with calling Travis stupid for not knowing the names of sports teams and not being able to identify the names of movies from screenshots. It was a total fluke that I knew "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" as have very little interest in such things.

We left Ionia in mid-afternoon, drove as far as Grand Ledge and stopped in at jebra's sister's house and went out to an early dinner with her and her husband. Afterwards we returned to her house for another of her experimental desserts, this time a cinnamon and apple cake that was so good it should have been on the menu at an upscale restaurant. I'd have paid $6 for a slice and y'all know how cheap I am.

After dessert we headed toward home, taking the long way so that we could drive through the (Ingress) Level 8 section of old town Lansing. Even so, we were home by 10:30 which is darn good by our standards.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day but a normal work day for us. The only difference was that there wasn't band rehearsal since the high school was closed. We stayed late at work to wrap up a few projects, played Ingress on the way home from work, and then I settled in front of the tv and caught up on my shows while working on another cat bed.

Last night jebra "went out for coffee" but I'm not sure actual coffee was involved since where he went was to UMG to farm for gear (in other words, to play Ingress). I stayed home, did laundry, took care of the cats, and finished the bottom of one more cat bed, all before remembering that I'd transferred a bunch of files to my home computer and needed to sort through them. I'd shot a heap of photos during the wedding and reception, plus while downloading those to my computer I discovered that I'd never sorted through the photos I'd taken from last October's Marching Band Competition in Indiana *plus* I discovered photos jebra had taken with my camera when we went to one of Harrison High School's marching events (also last year). As is typical, I promptly ran out of disk space so I wasn't able to finish sorting through the photos. Hopefully I can get to that tonight.

As ever, if you have questions or comments about my week, I'm all ears.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
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