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Project 52

Last Thursday, after work, jebra took me on a mission of mercy for another knitter. She's working on an Axis Shawl and ran out of the one of the yards, with about another 10 yards to go. It's a yarn I have listed in my stash so she contacted me and we drove over with it.

Friday was a work day and if we did anything special afterwards I don't remember. We might have gone grocery shopping and probably played a bit on Ingress on the way home, but as I said, I don't think we did much of anything. No, I take that back. By the time we got home from errands I was ready to fall over and went straight to bed.

Saturday we got up around noon, had breakfast, got cleaned up, and then went out to play Ingress and to say Hi to my friends at Artisan Knitworks. I hadn't planned on buying more yarn but somehow I came home with two balls and more than 1000 yards of a nearly florescent green yarn. It's destined to become a sweater either later this year or early 2017. We hung out at Artisan until they closed up shop for the day (well, actually, [profile] jebra went out for a walk and made links all over town but came in when he got cold), then we went out to dinner at The Basement Burger Bar. It's a hopping little place and the burger I had was among the best I've ever had. After that, we went over to Jean & Marshall's house for Game Day, stayed until I got tired, then headed home, playing Ingress all the way.

Sunday was laundry, Ingress, and shopping. Those three weren't bad at all, but I was in a horrible mood when I got up and my mood worsened the longer I tried to knit. I knit a swatch, which seemed to go well, selected what I thought was the right size needle, and tried to cast on for the mobius cowl I want to wear at an upcoming wedding. Casting on was a huge problem and in spite of having done Cat Bordhi's mobius cast on (MCO) before and watching five youtube tutorials, I just could not get it right. I didn't want my yarn to fray, so I grabbed a ball from my stash of bulking wool/acrylic blend yarns and worked with it. After some fiddling I successfully completed a MCO and went to knitting. Only to have my stitch count wrong and to decide I really hated how the center of the mobius strip looked. I tore out every single stitch I knit on Sunday. It sucked and I fretted about at work on Monday.

Monday night, while Jebra was at band practice I went back to the good yarn and cast on the cowl. This time the MCO went well but somehow I still manage to end up with double the amount of live stitches I'm supposed to have. This meant the cowl was now twice as long as I intended but I didn't want to rip it apart again so I went to work following the pattern. I knit up nearly half of the first skein and started thinking it was going to be *way* to wide if I knit the entire pattern as written. By this point it was time to start getting ready for bed so that's what I did.

Tuesday night, after work, jebra had to back to the dentist to have his new crown installed. It was also Guild night for me so I was somewhat tense and knit like a fiend while I was waiting for him to reappear. By the time the dentist it was done it was too late for us to grab dinner beforehand, so he drove me over to guild and got me there only a few minutes late. I managed to get into the building without slipping in the snow and slush, only to discover that painted concrete floors are extremely slippery when wet. When my feet started sliding out sideways I knew I was in trouble. Fortunately my butt is well padded and I didn't do myself when I went down. Also fortunate was that I landed very near one of the lobby chairs. The floor was so slick I could not get my feet under me so I ended up pulling the a chair towards me and using its arms to lever myself up. The Guild Meeting itself was interesting. The Guild's new president and VP were introduced, we had the monthly raffle, and then the rest of the meeting was a sort of show-and-share by the Guild's founders and then those of us who had recently completed projects to show off. I brought the cowl from last week's Project 52 to show. I knit all through the meeting, as is my way, and then continued knitting when I got home. By this time I'd decided I was going to skip the lace portion of the Lacey Mobius Cowl pattern and bind off with the Frilled Standard Bind off when I thought I was dangerously near the end of the first skein. I'm not sure if I would have had enough left to complete another round so I think I stopped at the right spot. I was wrong about how long it would take to bind it off though. I thought it would be about an hour but it took at least twice that. It was damn late by the time I got in the shower and started getting ready for bed, but the cowl's done. I blocked it this morning so it should be good to go in time for Chris & Karl's Wedding on Saturday.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
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