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Project 52

We drove down to Pendleton to jebra's brother's house on New Year's Eve's Day and rung in 2016 with family. Seeing them was nice but mostly I wanted to be home with my cats and my own bed. Particularly once we were ensconced in our hotel room. We didn't stay at our normal hotel as they were fully booked so we tried a Red Roof Inn. My sister-in-law assured me there was nothing amiss in their room (next door to ours (this s-i-l being jebra's sister, not his brother's wife)) but the heater in our room had two settings: "sauna" and "completely off."

The Noblesville Tea and Coffee Company was open until 2 pm on New Year's Day, so we made plans with friends from the DI and met up for coffee and conversation. Seeing them was so fun we ended up staying until the coffeehouse closed for the day. Afterwards we went back to Les' and had Turkish coffee and baklava with the coffee drinkers in the family. S-I-L and her husband headed home after coffee but we hung out and stayed in our misbehaving hotel room one more night. This time we started on the lowest setting and when the room reached sauna temperatures I got up and shut it off. Once again I didn't get enough sleep but at least I wasn't up half the night fiddling with the controls and worrying the other guests were having the same trouble.

January 2nd we got up early (7 am) and went out to farm a cemetery with a bunch of folk from the Resistance (the blue team in Ingress). I don't know how many portals are in that cemetery but there were a lot -- wouldn't be surprised to learn it was close to 100. In addition to unique hacks we also got a lot of good gear since all of the portals were fully 8s. Portals burn out after four hacks so we went around four times then all of us went out for breakfast. It was nearly noon by the time we arrived back at Les' house. We hung out with them for a couple hours, then got back into the car and started the drive home. Thanks to stopping twice more to play Ingress we didn't get home until around midnight.

Sunday I finally got to sleep in and other than going to out to get some groceries and make the daily hack we didn't do much. Which was fine by me.

Monday was back to work, followed by band practice for jebra and knitting, crochet, and laundry for me. Monday night I finished the cowl I'd been working on since December 30th and last night I finished the first cat bed of 2016.

As ever, comments and questions are welcome.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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