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Year End Stats

Birthday cards:                              82
Pages scrapped just for fun:                 69 (including Project 52)
High resolution (3600x3600) scrapbook pages:  0
Photographs:                                  unknown (but more with cellphone than good camera)

Knitting & Crochet Projects Finished:       
   Entries in Ravelry:                62
   Yarn used in projects:          7,938 yards (according to Ravelry and excluding cat beds)
   Jayne Hats:                         3
   Non-Jayne Hats:                    27 
   Scarves and cowls:                  8
   Shawls:                             6 (plus 2 still on the needles from 2013)
   Washcloths:                        22
   Baby Blankets:                      0
   Socks and Slippers                  5 pair
   Sweaters:                           0
   Cat Beds:                          92
   Miscellaneous small projects:       5

Months spent sleeping away from home:  none!  (Yay!)

Days of work missed due to illness:    0

Mostly commonly uttered phrase:        I am so F'n tired.

Stories beta read:                     Um, I lost count.  4?

Weight Gained or Lost:	               Lost, but not nearly enough to make me or my doctor happy.

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