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Project 52

The end of the year is only a week away and the holiday gatherings are in full swing. Friday night about a dozen of us got together to see the new Star Wars movie and then had dinner afterwards to discuss the film. I didn't have much to say as I, apparently, am not as much of a Star Wars buff as the others. What did amuse me was the amount of joy that was expressed as old characters appeared on the screen. The only other time I'd ever seen anything like it was when the first Star Trek movie was released. I grew up watching Star Trek and I recall how good it felt to be reunited with them on the big screen. The movie's good, by the way. If you have any interest in the franchise, I'd recommend seeing it. You won't be disappointed.

Saturday we had to get up at the usual time in order for jebra to make rehearsal for his final TubaChristmas of 2015. This one was at Central United Methodist Church in Detroit. It's a beautiful old church and the people there are always so welcoming it's become my favorite TubaChristmas. Although to be honest, I also enjoy the one out at Bogie Lake Greenhouse almost as much since there's a simultaneous artist's market to browse while listening.
Anyway, the concert went well and for me the best part was when I got to shock jebra by revealing why the Canadian tubist wasn't there this year and relaying the news that he intends to return next year. (He was in Montreal as his son, who is earning his PhD in oboe, was performing that weekend. I knew because I'd sat next to the guy's wife at the Oakland University TubaChristmas the previous Saturday and we talked.)

After the concert we went grocery shopping and had Chet (the car)'s transmission flushed. We returned home long enough to put on party clothes and then went to renniekins's house where we saw her, her husband Mike, their dog Snowmageddon, and a several dozen other people. I brought my knitting and hung out by the fireplace with the dog, my fellow knitters, and whoever wanted to hang out near us.

Afterwards jebra and I played Ingress on the way home. Earlier in the week we both made Level 12 which seemed like an impossible goal at the beginning of the year. Playing as a 12 is a lot easier than playing as, say, a level 3. Or even as a level 8, which is the first level at which a player has access to all of the weapons and tools. I continue to love going on missions but with it getting dark so soon going on them is more difficult than it is during the summer months. I also don't love walking when it's cold and icy, but the weather has hardly been an issue. Heck, the grass is still green and forecast calls for temperatures in the 50s today. It feels more like Spring and I'm beginning to wonder if we'll experience Winter before Spring officially arrives.

We arrived home quite late after the Christmas Party so it was no surprise I slept until 3 pm on Sunday. Sleeping that late makes for an abbreviated day, so pretty much all that happened was we had breakfast, went to Trader Joe's to buy another case of their amazing Mandarin Orange Sparkling
Water, hacked a few portals (i.e., played Ingress for a little while), ran a single load of laundry, and went back to bed.

Monday we went to work, played a tiny bit of Ingress on the way home, then I did more laundry and worked on the wool cat bed I'm making for our own kitties, while jebra went off to see the Star Wars movie again, this time in 3D.

Last night I planned to do more knitting but instead we played Ingress at the Troy Civic Center and then went to the store to return pop cans and bottles. It was after 9:00 by the time we got home and I still had today's scrapbook page to create. It was past midnight by the time I was out of the shower and started to get ready for today. That was also when I foolishly decided to delete an obsolete file from my computer. Rather than deleting the single file I intended, I erased a partition. I haven't yet been able to determine what, if anything, I lost. Everything deleted was in the mirrors hierarchy and that's supposed to mean that its a copy of things stored elsewhere. Only I can't remember if that's how I was actually using the mirrors hierarchy. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that I had run out of room on another partition and moved things there "temporarily."

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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